Bring Company Core Values to Life with Employee Recognition and Rewards

Want to take your company to the next level? Implement an employee recognition and rewards program. It increases productivity, boosts employee morale, heightens creativity, promotes innovation, and improves customer satisfaction. 

However, aligning rewards with company values is crucial in creating a motivated and focused workforce, and strengthening the business’s identity and success overall. Read on to learn how employee rewards and recognition can transform your workplace.

What are ‘Employee Rewards’

Employee rewards are benefits given to employees by a company to recognize their hard efforts, dedication, and achievements. These are rewarded in various ways, either through monetary incentives like promotions, pay raises, and bonuses, or non-monetary gestures like team outings, company-sponsored lunches, gifts, or an extra day off. The primary objective of providing these rewards is to motivate employees to increase performance, concentrate on defined goals, and deliver better results.

Aligning Employee Rewards with Company Values

Aligning employee rewards with company values is crucial for employee motivation, engagement, and reinforcing your company’s mission and vision. When employee rewards reflect company values, employees feel acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions to the team, boosting their job satisfaction and fulfillment.

To ensure that employee rewards align with company values, it is vital to first clearly define your company’s core values. This entails identifying the guiding principles that direct your company’s mission and communicate them to your employees. Your company’s core values should evoke feelings of purpose and pride in employees, making them more connected to their work and will strive to incorporate them into every aspect of their work. This fosters a sense of achievement and satisfaction when employee contributions reflect those values.

The goal of establishing employee reward programs is to incentivize, inspire, and reward your team for contributing and conducting business in the way that aligns with your company’s core values. If you’re a tech-driven company, consider gadgets. If you’re a company founded on the principle of giving back, donate to employees’ favorite causes. 

Incentives may take different forms, ranging from financial or non-financial, as well as rewards such as acknowledgment, bonuses, promotions, or other substantial advantages. Rewards that are a blend of the personal interests of the employee and the company values are excellent professional motivators.

7 Ways Gifting Can Generate Results in Your Workplace

Have you ever questioned how gifting your employees can benefit them, your company, and you? The act of rewarding extends beyond its gesture. In addition to the initial smile on someone’s face, showing appreciation through gifting can lead to increases in:

More Motivation

What makes people feel happy? Feeling valued and appreciated. One of the most substantial benefits of giving gifts to your employees is improved motivation. When employers or managers give their employees a meaningful gift, it shows them that their hard work is appreciated and valued. This kind of recognition can make employees  feel motivated, acknowledged, and a sense of importance in the organization. This leads to increased performance, improved company culture, and a more successful company overall. Essentially, when employees feel seen and valued, they’re inspired to work, contribute, and achieve more.

Greater Productivity 

According to a stat from the American Economic Association, gift-giving plays a critical role in determining the level of reciprocal behavior. Interestingly, it was found that cash gifts had no significant influence on workers’ productivity. On the other hand, a thermos bottle of the equivalent value led to an average of 25% higher work performance – surpassing the impact of an increase in workers’ compensation. Gift-giving also has the potential to enhance employer-employee connections, resulting in increased productivity. By making employees feel valued and reinforcing their connection with the organization, gift-giving can lead to positive impacts on work output. This, in turn, can drive productivity levels, aiding the company in achieving its objectives and goals.

Higher Morale

Rewarding employees can result in an elevation in overall workplace morale, boosting the spirits and job satisfaction of individual employees as well as the organization as a whole. Employee satisfaction and appreciation can have a significant impact on their overall well-being and job fulfillment. The improved morale levels can contribute to a positive company culture where teamwork, cooperation, and productivity are promoted.

Providing Additional Value

A gift can be a wonderful way to demonstrate that you care for your employees. By receiving a thoughtful gift, employees understand their significance and value to the organization. This awareness can lead to a considerable impact on their motivation to perform well in their roles and job satisfaction. By enhancing their sense of worth and value through gift-giving, you can create a positive and engaging work setting that leads to high employee retention and contentedness.

Showing Generosity

As a manager or business owner, gift-giving provides an opportunity to show your appreciation and express kindness and generosity towards your employees. It can create a sense of goodwill among employees and helps in fostering a stronger employer-employee relationship. Showing gratitude and generosity creates a culture of respect and recognition that leads to higher employee loyalty and engagement. This results in a more committed workforce.

Increasing Engagement  

When an employee receives a thoughtful gift, it can lead to an emotional connection which fosters a positive impact on their level of engagement. In turn, employees may feel more motivated and ready to engage with their colleagues and work roles fully. By forging stronger connections with employees through gift-giving, you can foster a culture of engagement, which ultimately leads to a happier and more satisfied workforce.

A 2022 study shows that offering exemplary duty recognition can promote a supportive and inclusive work environment, improving employee retention by 31%, and decreasing frustration levels by 28.6%. Implementing morale-boosting initiatives can lead to happy, engaged, and thriving employees. This establishes a value-driven work environment where recognition, rewards, and loyalty are prioritized, maintaining the essence of your company’s core beliefs.

Gifting is an excellent strategy! It’s perfect for strengthening your employees’ commitment to their work and your company’s mission. When you give your team meaningful gifts that embody your core values, it shows that they’re a crucial part of the organization. This feeling of belonging fosters an attachment to their work and a deeper sense of purpose. Such an emotional connection drives employee engagement and boosts morale, leading to greater productivity and better results overall.

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