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  • The Lift – Episode 14: Pillars Of A Healthy World (Season 1 Finale + Journals & Photos)

    We went all over the globe, became artisans, artists, race car drivers, checked our anxiety at the door, and traveled in time to relive and recount profound moments. This season took us everywhere and made us feel every emotion anew again. And the same way we began this season coming together on a trip to Thailand for a destination wedding, we end this season with a trip to different destinations of time and places. We get handed bus passes to Jay’s journals to listen to stories of philanthropy small and big, from making friends with the friendless to teaching kids to surf 10,000 miles away from home, and grieving the birth of 26 angels. No angles here, just real stories in going the extra mile to reach out and give back. After all, we are […]

  • The Lift – Episode 13: Good Gone Viral

    During these times, there’s a natural inclination to look inward and focus on protecting one’s self. After all, we’re taught to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before helping others. Yet as we distance ourselves from one another, it’s important to realize that we are now more connected than ever… and there is strength in numbers. As we work to do what’s best for ourselves, our families, and our friends, let’s also do our best to focus the lens outward. When you’re unable to dine at your favorite restaurant, what happens to that business owner and their staff? When you cancel your group fitness class, what happens to that instructor’s income? If you’re able, maybe pay for that scheduled appointment that got cancelled. Or…if possible, take care of your landlord sooner knowing he/she may not […]

  • The Lift – Episode 12: 4 Weddings and Your Funeral

    On today’s episode, Jay grabs the verbal chef knife and puts branded gifts on the chopping block. We take a dash of sarcasm, a pinch of wit, and throw it all in the pot set to high. This episode puts the purity of your branded gifts on the grill Let’s see how well they cook and ask if anyone wants a dish of your name on their plate Enjoy a photo of Jeff’s colorful shoes mentioned in the episode! (Be sure to put on some sunglasses, these are bright!)

  • The Lift – Episode 11: John Williams, Seth Godin, And A Homeless Man

    Ah. The good old days when you could just walk into a Blockbuster Video, grab the hottest Jim Carrey movie on VHS, pick up some popcorn, and graduate with a degree in marketing techniques that are 20 years ahead of their time. No, this isn’t fiction and these things don’t only happen in the movies. On today’s episode, Jeff gives us a table read of the masterclass that was put on by an unexpected source as he was walking into a Blockbuster Video. Ingredients contain a dash of nostalgia to test your memory and your ears so put your learning cap on! Take notes from this charming lesson in marketing that sticks.