How to Create the Perfect Welcome Kit for New or Remote Employees

“You only get one chance to make a first impression.” 

You’ve likely heard that saying, and we all know that first impressions matter, whether on a first date or starting a new job. But it’s not just new employees who should care about first impressions—companies should also focus on helping their new team members feel welcome and excited to be part of the organization. The best onboarding processes can help new hires feel motivated and excited to get started, while poor onboarding can dampen feelings of anticipation and make new employees have second thoughts about their new position.  

So, how can you convey those positive feelings and make a memorable first impression on every employee’s first day?  

A new hire welcome kit is the perfect way to let new employees know what to expect from your company culture and help them better understand your values and mission. When done right, these welcome gifts for new employees can help set the tone, foster a positive workplace experience, and show appreciation for every employee who joins your team.  

The best employee welcome package is thoughtful and practical, providing insight into the values and culture of the company. Here are some of our favorite new employee welcome kit ideas and ways they can benefit your business. 

What is a New Employee Welcome Gift? 

First, what exactly is a new hire welcome kit?  

These kits are fun ways to welcome new employees, get them excited for their first day, and help them feel more prepared. They often include a variety of small gifts and practical supplies. When putting together your welcome kit, expect to spend anywhere from $20 to $100, depending on how many items you include.  

The more thoughtful and personal you can make your new hire welcome kit, the more positive an impact it’s likely to have. Remember that the goal is to make the new hire feel welcome and show them they made a great decision by joining your team.  

Handwritten Welcome Letter 

One of the best ways to welcome new employees is to write a personal note to let them know how excited you are to have them on the team and as part of your organization. Your letter doesn’t have to be long, but a few sentences to express your support can help the new hire feel confident in their decision to accept this role and set them on the road to success.  

Employee & Team Culture Handbooks 

Your employee handbook has to include company policies and information on benefits, but there are also ways you can add a little more fun. Consider adding bios and casual photos to introduce other team members and quotes from employees about what they love about working for your company. Including this information gives new hires a chance to familiarize themselves with the team and the organization on a more personal level, while also providing them with the (admittedly less exciting) details about company procedures and policies.  

If you want to keep the traditional employee handbook separate, create a fun “Team Culture” handbook as part of your onboarding welcome kit for new employees.  

Coffee Mug and/or Water Bottle  

Help new hires stay caffeinated or hydrated (or both) by including a coffee mug or thermos and a water bottle in your welcome kit. A water bottle is an eco-friendly way to stay healthy, letting new employees know that your company cares about their well-being. Both items can be useful either at work or at home, making them practical additions to any new hire welcome kit. Instead of the company logo, consider personalizing these items with their name. It will avoid making them feel like you pulled their gift from the storage closet.  

Desk Plants 

Simple office décor items can help employees personalize their workspace and feel more at home. Small, easy-to-care-for plants can brighten up any desk, whether in the office or a remote workspace. Bonus: Plants can help relieve stress and keep the air clean, ensuring a more positive work environment.  

Useful Tech Accessories 

Whether your new hires are fully remote or working in the office, there are plenty of tech items that make amazing new hire swag and can help ensure they stay productive. Things like noise-canceling headphones, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and blue light glasses can all ensure that employees stay focused and safe while working long hours on a computer.  

Mental & Physical Health Items 

Show employees that you care about their well-being with relaxing, stress-reducing items like candles and stress balls. Other products focused on physical wellness, like yoga mats or eye masks, can help them relax during non-work hours. These items will come in handy for reducing the inevitable anxiety and stress that comes with the demands of any workplace.  

Tasty Treats 

No new hire welcome kit is complete without some delicious snacks! Provide your new employees with extra energy on the job or something tasty to snack on at home. Make sure to include a variety of sweet and savory items so there is something for every taste and preference. Ideally, find snacks that are inclusive of vegan and gluten-free diets if you’re unsure of their eating habits.  

Photo Frames 

Encourage new hires to decorate their office space, whether working remotely or in the office. Colorful and tasteful photo frames are an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to the workspace, allowing employees to display photos of their loved ones and feel a little more at home during the workday. 

Notepad or Notebook 

Perfect for taking notes in virtual or in-person meetings, a notepad is essential  to have around the office. Throw in a few other office supplies in your employee welcome package, like pens, highlighters, and desk organizers, to help new hires feel prepared for their first day.   

Light-Box or Felt Letter Board 

Say goodbye to the boring nameplates in your office space. A light-box or felt letter board is a fun way for new employees to create their own nameplate. You can personalize each board with a special message for the new hire and give them a way to express their creativity, whether through motivational quotes or adding a little inspiration to their workspace.  

Tote Bag 

Make your new hire welcome kit environmentally friendly and extra useful by putting all the items in a handy tote bag. Employees can use the bag to cart items to and from the office or even reuse them for grocery shopping and other tasks. This is a great way not just to show employee care, but also to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to eco-friendliness.  

Why is a New Hire Welcome Kit Important?  

The best way to demonstrate your organization’s focus on employee care is to start from day one. Make each new hire feel welcomed and celebrated by putting together an employee welcome package of quality, useful items. A welcome kit is a simple way to make the onboarding process more fun and memorable and to add a personal touch to the experience.  

As remote work grows more common, it can be easy for employees to feel isolated, especially new employees who may never have the opportunity to meet their coworkers in person. The thoughtful gesture of a new hire welcome kit is especially important to help all new employees feel like part of the team and to show your appreciation and support.