Improving Company Culture Through Gifting

Thoughtful gifting can make all the difference in your marketing and sales strategies, but sending gifts isn’t just for clients. Corporate gifts for employees can improve your company culture, boost employee retention, and help establish relationships between supervisors and team members.  

Creating a positive culture in your organization must be intentional. Working with your HR department and across teams, you can use gifting along with other ways to improve company culture that attract potential new hires and boost overall employee happiness.  

When to Give Employee Gifts

Gifting can be situational – think holidays, birthdays, or work anniversaries – but it doesn’t have to stop there. Sometimes the best gifts are unexpected and serve as a delightful surprise.  

Here are a few times you may want to consider giving gifts to your employees: 

  • Work-related achievements 
  • Birthdays and work anniversaries 
  • Holidays, including less common celebrations like National Coffee Day 
  • Incentive awards 
  • Personal milestones like getting married, purchasing a new home, or welcoming a new baby 
  • Smaller celebrations like adopting a new pet or reaching a personal goal 
  • Just because 

You can create and follow a specific timeline or surprise employees with a thoughtful gift just to remind them how much the company cares. Employee gifting is one of the best ideas to improve culture in the workplace – and when done properly, it can be a meaningful way to express gratitude and show appreciation. 

Build Pride in Your Organization

When it comes to work, everyone wants to feel that their contributions matter. Corporate gifts for employees done right can excite each team member and encourage them to put forth their best effort every day. 

But it’s just a gift, you might be thinking. How can it have that big of an impact? 

Oftentimes, gifts prompt a strong sense of gratitude. These small touchpoints can help shape a workplace where team members feel inspired to give back to the company by doing more and working harder.

Stay Connected in a Virtual Workplace

It’s no secret that the world of work has changed drastically since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Gifting is a great way to connect with employees regardless of where they work and to show appreciation for their commitment in a challenging and continuously evolving WFH environment.

Many managers and HR professionals have implemented gifting programs not only to strengthen company culture but also to establish a connection with team members, even if they’re working alone in their home office.  

When it comes to virtual get-togethers, like Zoom happy hours and office parties, employers can send cocktail kits or boxes of snacks and favors to celebrate, so that every employee can join in on the fun from wherever they may be.

Counteract the Great Resignation 

Companies across the country and around the world are being impacted by the Great Resignation, with employees leaving jobs that don’t make them feel valued in search of better positions and benefits. Because of this trend, keeping team members happy and engaged is critical—now more than ever.  

Employee care includes financial benefits, like bonuses, raises, and competitive salaries, but companies should also focus on making employees feel valued and appreciated. Unexpected gifting is a small investment that can generate big results and is far more cost-effective than attracting and hiring replacements for your company’s top talent.  

The Right Way to Establish a Gifting Program

The gifts you give your employees should be high-quality, thoughtful, and improve your company culture. Here are our top tips for establishing an effective gifting program that you and your employees will love. 

Develop a gifting policy 

Like any company program, you should work with HR to establish clear rules for gifting. With guidelines in place, you can avoid awkward or uncomfortable situations that can negate any positive impact your gifting program may have.  

Set a specific budget—and stick to it  

Corporate gifts for employees don’t have to be expensive; it truly is the thought that counts. Just make sure that all the gifts you choose are of the highest quality and fit the individual’s needs and desires. A small gift can go a long way in helping your employees feel like valued, vital members of your organization. 

Stay away from generic gifts

When choosing corporate gifts for employees, you will want to stay away from generic gifts like company swag. Instead, take time to give memorable items that are more likely to be appreciated, such as a gift card to an employee’s favorite local restaurant or a travel bag for their upcoming vacation.  

Avoid inappropriate or overly personal gifts 

A thoughtful, personalized gift is much more memorable and can have a significant positive impact on the person who receives it. However, overly personal gifts don’t belong in the workplace. 

A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that has to do with the body, such as cologne or perfume, clothing, or jewelry. Workout items like gym equipment or memberships can often be poorly interpreted as an encouragement to lose weight, unless the company has already established a focus on physical well-being and health.  

In the same way, companies should stay away from gag gifts or anything intended as a joke. Prank gifts can easily be taken the wrong way and have no place in the office as corporate gifts for employees.

Keep personal & cultural differences in mind  

Part of showing appreciation for your employees is understanding each of them on a personal level. Know their backgrounds, their values, and their cultures before you start handing out gifts. Companies that treat employees well put this extra effort and thought into their gifting strategies, showing a sensitivity that their team members value and appreciate.  

Add a personal touch 

Each gift should always have a handwritten note or other personal touch that makes the recipient feel uniquely recognized. Take time to sit down and write about the individual employee’s accomplishments and what they bring to your team and your organization as a whole. This personal touchpoint can play a major role in improving company culture.  

If you can, make an effort to personalize the gift to the employee, whether that means adding their name or initials to make it a custom one-of-a-kind item, or choosing a gift that fits with their passions, be it sports, dogs, or movies. 

Don’t be afraid to think beyond tangible gifts

Your gifts don’t have to be physical. In many cases, a gift certificate or subscription box can give recipients more of what they want or even allow them to choose their own gifts. You can even make a donation to a charity in the employee’s name, which can be especially meaningful if it’s a cause they’re genuinely passionate about.  

A unique experience can also be a fantastic gift, as well as a memorable one. From skydiving to wine tasting, there are experiences out there for every type of person. Whether your employee is an adventure-lover or just looking for a chance to relax, you can find the right experience that they’re sure to enjoy.  

Consider taking advantage of an automated gifting service

Going the extra mile to show appreciation for your employees doesn’t have to be complicated. Automated gifting services, like Client Giant, are experts at corporate gifting and can seamlessly handle all of the details, including gift selection, packaging, shipping, and even providing a personalized message from you to your employees while keeping your budget top of mind.

No matter how you choose to recognize your employees, gifting thoughtfully can help you show appreciation, increase motivation, and boost loyalty. Take the time to show your team members just how much you care with personalized gifts to improve company culture.