The Lift – Episode 14: Pillars Of A Healthy World (Season 1 Finale + Journals & Photos)

We went all over the globe, became artisans, artists, race car drivers, checked our anxiety at the door, and traveled in time to relive and recount profound moments. This season took us everywhere and made us feel every emotion anew again.

And the same way we began this season coming together on a trip to Thailand for a destination wedding, we end this season with a trip to different destinations of time and places. We get handed bus passes to Jay’s journals to listen to stories of philanthropy small and big, from making friends with the friendless to teaching kids to surf 10,000 miles away from home, and grieving the birth of 26 angels.

No angles here, just real stories in going the extra mile to reach out and give back. After all, we are all on this delicate together.

Thank you for an amazing season, and we look forward to the next season



Click HERE to Download the Stockholm, Sweden Journals

Click HERE to Download the Cape Town, South Africa Journals

Rwanda & Tanzania 

Newtown Banners

Capetown, Africa

Stockholm, Sweden

Soup Kitchen

Jay’s Probation Center Volunteer Badge