Why Employee Care is Crucial to Successful Business

Most people have had jobs where they were unhappy. Whether the pay was too low, the work too much for one person, or leadership was unappreciative, these jobs usually encourage workers to look elsewhere for employment and get out as soon as they can.  

No good company leader wants their employees to feel that way. Without happy and productive employees, an organization won’t keep its clients engaged and satisfied. That’s why employee care and happiness are essential parts of a successful company.  

In short, happy employees lead to happy customers, which results in a thriving business. 

Why is employee happiness important? 

There are significant links between employee happiness and productivity. According to recent studies, happy employees:  

  • Stick with their companies four times longer than unhappy employees 
  • Have 65% more energy 
  • Commit twice as much time to their tasks  
  • Are 12% more productive 

Plus, happiness, like kindness, tends to multiply. After all, unhappy employees aren’t much fun to work with, but people who have a positive outlook can encourage those feelings in others too.  

So, yeah, employee happiness matters. 

Appreciated employees are more productive, because they feel a sense of connection to the company and their colleagues. Even if your company offers great benefits and competitive salaries, an employee care package or work-from-home gifts for employees can encourage your top talent to stay long-term.  

Take time to celebrate milestones in your organization, such as new hires, promotions, and work anniversaries. Company gifts for employees can make your organization a happier place to work. By focusing on these significant moments, you can help every employee feel valued, not just the ones you single out for recognition. 

Employee happiness and retention 

Engaged employees are happy and productive, leading to 21% greater profitability. Individuals who feel connected to their work show up to the job each day with energy and passion, which is key to success for any company.  

One of the best ways to improve employee happiness and satisfaction is to listen to your staff’s feedback. Communication in a workplace should always be a two-way street, and employees who feel that their voices are heard are 4.6x more likely to do better work.  

Developing employee happiness programs is well worth it, especially because a lack of satisfaction and happiness can lead to burnout. In fact, 61% of workers already feel burned out in their current positions, and 31% reported high levels of stress on the job. It’s up to leadership to change that trend and help their teams find a healthy work-life balance so every worker can feel more engaged and happier in their roles.  

When employees have clear expectations, support from their colleagues, and the tools to do their best work, they’re more likely to feel fulfilled by their jobs and eager to do well.  

Here are just a few ways you can improve employee happiness in your company:  

  • Encourage and nurture two-way communication between staff and leadership 
  • Ask for employee feedback—and act accordingly 
  • Invest in skills and professional growth 
  • Celebrate employee achievements 
  • Involve employees in decision-making 
  • Make sure everyone has a balanced and interesting workload 
  • Show you value staff members with personalized gifts for employees 

Thoughtful, useful gifts can have a meaningful impact on employee happiness. The gifts don’t have to be large or expensive. Even the smallest surprise can help an employee feel that their company and their supervisor appreciate their hard work and dedication. 

How to do employee gifting right  

Everyone loves receiving a thoughtful gift, and not just during the holidays. The best gifts are practical, meaningful, and given with the receiver in mind. If you want your employees to feel cared for, you must think beyond the standard swag featuring your company logo.  

Create a budget and clear plan 

The first step in developing an employee gifting program is to create a budget, just as you would for any other initiative. Decide how and when each team member will receive their gifts. For example, if most of your employees are in the office, you may be able to simply place gifts on desks. But if your team works remotely, you’ll have to factor shipping costs into your budget.  

Practice good gifting etiquette 

Be sure to keep all employee gifts at the same general cost. Employees who receive cheaper gifts may feel slighted, seeing those with more expensive gifts as receiving special treatment. That definitely won’t foster positive relationships among your staff.  

Personalize gifts as much as possible 

When you make each gift feel like it was specifically chosen for that employee, they’re more likely to feel seen, valued, and appreciated. Putting a little extra thought and care into your gifts can go a long way toward employee satisfaction.  

Make gifting year-round 

Everyone expects some sort of holiday gift at work, and you certainly should celebrate your employees at the end of the year. But a surprise gift for a work anniversary, birthday, or even “just because” has a much greater impact.  

The best gifts for employees 

There are various ways to show your appreciation for your staff, even if you’re a large business that need bulk gifts for employees. You can select, package, and ship gifts all on your own. Or you can save time and effort by working with Client Giant, allowing our concierge team to pick the perfect gifts for everyone on your list without you lifting a finger.  

Below are a few of our favorite gifts for employees:  

  • Small plants – The perfect touch to brighten up the office or home. 
  • Gourmet sweets – Cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, even fresh fruit! There’s a delicious snack for every taste.  
  • Electronic gift cards – Easy to customize by choosing your employee’s favorite local shop or restaurant. 
  • Wellness items – Salt lamps or at-home spa treatments can help employees de-stress. 
  • Personalized gifts – Our favorite! Custom gifts create a special connection between employee and company and can help your employees feel truly seen and valued.