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Be Known for Something Bigger.

In an industry that employs independent contractors who operate differently from one another, brokerage owners must go above and beyond to take control of the most important component of any client-based business... the experience.

Proven Results

We organically grew to service all 50 states and Canada in under a year for one reason: Results.

Our members are seeing more growth than ever, while being able to work and live more freely, knowing that their clients have become their most loyal advocates .

Earned $40,000 in commission from her first Top of Mind touch. An 1800% ROI.

Ellie Walters - Real Estate Agent, Florida

Business has grown 400% since implementing Client Giant.

Jordan Wilson - Real Estate Agent, California

Grown to bring on over 150 new team members since starting with Client Giant.

Dan Walters - Chief Operating Officer, Florida

Multiple Ways to Implement

Establish a top-down system and ordering a Client Giant package each time a transaction begins.
Order a Client Giant package for your agents’ transactions and recoup the cost through commission split or cooperate on the investment under the company’s umbrella.
Provide an easy way for independent contractors in the organization to order a Client Giant package each time they go under contract.

Future-proof Your Business

In an industry that has become commoditized and driven by discounts and e-solutions, the humanistic element that will always win is client experience.

Retain Your Agents & Recruit Top-tier Talent

By offering agents the Client Giant experience for their clients, you deliver immense value immediately on each transaction and even greater residual value for years to come, as the referral engine scales their business to new levels.

Create an Ancillary Revenue Stream

If you qualify for VIP Partner status and Volume Pricing, you can earn up to $300 for each transaction a team-member opens, resulting in a healthy additional revenue stream for the business. 

Co-marketing & Shared Billing

Have a lender partner you’d like to co-brand with? Looking to share the cost with an agent or broker?  Take advantage of built-in solutions around co-marketing and shared payment methods with your preferred partners.

Have a large volume of transactions per year?

Hundreds of past clients to take care of?

You may qualify for a VIP partnership and volume discounts.

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