Think your client gifts are crushing it? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe GTFO.

Client Giant is declaring a new dawn of giving. One that celebrates the power of thoughtful gifts. If you want to see your business grow, let us help you GTFO.



Make Someone's Day

Grow your business

Our approach consists of people-driven, tech-enabled surprises that take the work out of the equation, while packing a punch in the process. Just pick the series of touches that fit best, select the person (or people) they’re for, and you’re done. We take care of the gift, the message, the timing, and remain a ghost in the process. You’re the hero!

Girl opening gift

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The Dos and Don'ts of GTFO

  • Do you treat giving like a transaction?

    Do: Create an experience
    Don’t: Give to get

    Good giving creates natural rewards that outweigh any giving-just-to-get mentality. When you surprise and delight people, the difference is huge. And they want to reciprocate. Watch your referrals and good reputation take off to another level.

    Baby onesie with message I love My Realtor
  • Plate with realtor's face

    Do your gifts always look like you?

    Do: Make people feel cared for
    Don’t: Self-promote

    Don’t make it about you. A gift with your brand splashed across it or a discount code is not a gift; it’s a self-serving act. It’s marketing disguised as a thoughtful gift. A real gift considers the recipient, values them as a person, and anticipates what might be useful and delightful to them. They will notice and respond ten-fold.

  • Is a closing gift your go-to?

    Do: Maintain relationships with ongoing gifts
    Don’t: Slam the door shut

    Closing gifts are common, but why close the door on a relationship? Start with an opening gift and continue from there. Give unapologetically and unexpectedly. Send gifts at exactly the right times. Keeping people top of mind will set you apart and make fans and advocates of your clients.

    Mug with realtor's face
Floating Gifts

Gifting is big in the real estate game.

That’s not new. But some of us are bad at it. Don’t be that person. Gift thoughtfully for once and take your business to the big leagues.

If you’re getting 5-star reviews with a 1-star effort, imagine where thoughtful gifting can take you. We’ve seen it first-hand. When you GTFO, you’ll see the difference right away. Go from casual appreciation to genuine gratitude. (Adoration is not uncommon.)

If you're doing the bare minimum for your clients, it's time to GTFO.

Transaction Packages Client experiences for every new transaction
Packages as low as $349

Each Client Giant Transaction Package elevates peak moments of excitement during the transaction and helps mitigate against stress points. Each package consists of a series of touches orchestrated by us, addressed from you, and delivered directly to your client at critical times during and after the transaction.

Retention Plans Quarterly surprise gifting for past clients
Plans as low as $9.99 /mo

Securing client loyalty and earning referrals is about consistency in crafting moments that keep you at the forefront of your client's mind. Each Client Giant Retention Plan is comprised of a series of touches delivered at surprise moments throughout the year, keeping you engaged with your people in an authentic way year-round.