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Pricing for Every Client

Plans and Packages are all-inclusive solutions. Pricing includes every gift, note, fulfillment, and delivery of every item. There are no hidden or unexpected fees!

Client Experience Packages for Buyers and Sellers

Client Experience During Transaction
Under Contract Gift
Boxes, Tape, & Other Moving Supplies
Midway Milestone Surprise!
Help with Address Forwarding & Transfer of Utilities
Handwritten Thank You Card
Personalized Gift
Upgraded Gift Tailored to Client's Interests
Movie Night Out Experience
Celebratory Dinner for 2 w/ Round-Trip Transportation
Choice of Professional Service
Personal Concierge
Gold Package $349 6 Touches
Platinum Package $599 7 Touches
Diamond Package $1199 8 Touches
Titanium Package $1999 10 Touches

Top of Mind Plan

Gift Examples

Fall 2018

"It’s become a habit of mine to get a new coffee mug at the beginning of Fall every year. In case you want to adopt the tradition, I’m starting you off with your first one! Enjoy!" - Your Name

Winter 2018

"It’s that time of year when everyone wants their home or office to smell like pine and eucalyptus! Here’s a little something for you to enjoy well into the new year. Here’s to a peaceful, relaxing holiday season!" - Your Name

Spring 2019

"Spring has sprung! By March it always feels like the new year has settled in. It’s a great time to refresh things - our homes, our heads, our calendars. Here’s a book to help guide you (should you need it). Let me know if you find a tip that really works!" - Your Name

Summer 2019

"It’s that time of year when your biggest priority should be taking a vacation. You’ve earned it! Whether it’s a short weekend getaway or an international journey, here are a few items to keep you organized along the way. Safe travels!" - Your Name

$9.99/month or $99/year
(per client)

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