Fall 2022 Top of Mind Gift

The Question Game

This time of year, temperatures drop and the sun sets on summer adventures. When you send The Question Game, you're sending an interactive 54-card game designed to help your clients share in laughs & fun from the comfort of their home. From dinner parties to family nights, The Question Game will be the activity your clients reach for again and again.

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The Question Game

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Meaning Behind the Gift

The Fall Top of Mind gift plays perfectly into the season. As your clients stay in with friends and family, The Question Game will be the activity they reach for. Not only are you helping your clients make the most out of this time of year, you're delivering a memorable experience that will continue to bring you business in this relationship economy.

Question Game Card Examples

Selected with Care

Our team understands the impact of a thoughtfully given gift. To deliver this impact to your clients, our curation team spends hours sourcing the perfect items to make your clients feel special and appreciated.

Personalized Card + Messaging

Gifts should be thoughtful and cards should be personal. This is why every Top of Mind send includes a personalized card that includes your client's first name, a curated message, and your signature.