Winter 2023 Top of Mind Gift

Platters & Boards Book

The Platters & Boards book is a gorgeous manual for assembling irresistible boards beautifully arranged with creative combinations. From budding entertainers to the host with the most, this book will delight the senses and elevate each gathering.

Cycle cut-off: 12/31/22
Platters & Boards Book

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Meaning Behind the Gift

The Platters & Boards book opens up a world of new, creative possibilities when entertaining. Provide the playbook for perfect copy/paste solutions or simply help spark unique starting points for those so inclined to create a masterpiece of their own. This beautifully designed tool showcases more than 40 ideas and recipes ranging from brunch to Happy Hour! Enjoy giving the gift of bringing people together in a tasteful way.

Platters & Boards Book

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