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Top of Mind Plan

The Top of Mind Plan is comprised of quarterly gifts that are thoughtful and relevant to the season or a topical event. Each touch includes a personal message from you.

Gift Examples
Winter 2020

"With everyone coming up with resolutions this time of year, why not take it a step further? This One Line a Day Journal is to be used as an inspiring tool to jot down memories, goals, and feelings day-to-day! This simple practice creates a daily account throughout the year and the 5-year format helps to remind and inspire you about where you were a year ago, where you are now, and where you’re going. It’s like a beautiful little time machine! Enjoy, and have fun looking back on exactly what was happening for you on this day in one year!" -Jane Doe, ABC Company

Spring 2020

"Now more than ever, it’s the ideal time to refresh and brighten up all our surroundings. In the spirit of spring cleaning and the fight against dust, germs, and fingerprints, here’s a little something to help throughout the home or office this season. All-natural, non-toxic, pure goodness. Here’s to a healthy, clean, and fresh environment!" - Jane Doe, ABC Company

Summer 2020

"As the months get warmer and the days last longer, it's important to bask in the joy of being outdoors while staying protected. Now you're covered from sun up to sundown. Enjoy! Here's to a fantastic Summer!" -Jane Doe, ABC Company

Fall 2020

"Did someone call for room service? Surprise! A simple squeeze of this handle will release an elegant combination of Fall-scented essential oils, cinnamon aroma, and smiles. Enjoy a fun and relaxing close to 2020!" -Jane Doe, ABC Company

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