Top of Mind Plan

The Top of Mind Plan is comprised of quarterly gifts that are thoughtful and relevant to the season or a topical event. Each touch includes a personal message from you.

Gift Examples

Fall 2018

"It’s become a habit of mine to get a new coffee mug at the beginning of Fall every year. In case you want to adopt the tradition, I’m starting you off with your first one! Enjoy!" - Your Name

Winter 2018

"It’s that time of year when everyone wants their home or office to smell like pine and eucalyptus! Here’s a little something for you to enjoy well into the new year. Here’s to a peaceful, relaxing holiday season!" - Your Name

Spring 2019

"Spring has sprung! By March it always feels like the new year has settled in. It’s a great time to refresh things - our homes, our heads, our calendars. Here’s a book to help guide you (should you need it). Let me know if you find a tip that really works!" - Your Name

Summer 2019

"It’s that time of year when your biggest priority should be taking a vacation. You’ve earned it! Whether it’s a short weekend getaway or an international journey, here are a few items to keep you organized along the way. Safe travels!" - Your Name

$9.99/month or $99/year
(per client)

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