Sell Experiences. Not Products. (Part 1)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you or anyone else that there is not a single industry among us that doesn’t operate in a competitive market. And even for those trailblazers that broke through on clear water quickly found other boats swimming in their wake, hot on their tail.

This is the way business works. Someone comes up to bat swinging and hits it out of the park, shortly followed by another ballplayer that says “Yeah, that center field fence doesn’t look that far.” and before you know it, boom, there goes more baseballs over the fence.

While the players are busy swinging their bats, expending their energy, and competing with each other, the ones who aren’t competing and still winning are the members of the audience. Those who came out to watch with their families, while sitting in the bleachers with their hats, ice-cold drink in one hand and mustard drenched hot dog in the other. 

This. Is. The. Way. It. Goes.

Now what can you do about your business or your product to keep your clients not only talking about you, but keep their business. 

Are you promising them a better product? 

  • “This is built stronger!”
  • “This is 4x faster!”

A cheaper product?

  • “You won’t find a cheaper price!”
  • “Listen, buy 2 and I’ll throw another for 50% off.”
  • A quicker turnaround time? Longer warranty? Etc.

Now, how much longer until someone else has you beat in all of the facets pertaining to the product? There is always someone willing to undercut to gain traction in the market, and products are always in development. How will you stay on top of all of this?

What about providing something unique to your clients in working with you? Something no one else can bring to the market: an experience.

Your favorite band. Sure they have catchy melodies, and you can sing along with the lyrics, but what about those lyrics is grabbing you. They’ve probably resonated with you in a way that takes you out of your daily environment and just lifted you. Your favorite artist or band isn’t selling you music, they give you a feeling, a lifestyle, a message.

What does your business or product include that doesn’t show up on their bill after doing business with you?

If your answer is “Well, I’m the best. I’m the Top Producing X. I offer the best service”, you’re doing it wrong. Your business is not about you. It’s about them, the people you serve and the feeling they have before, during, AND after doing business with you. Yes, after. Especially after.

If providing the best service means you picked up your phone every time your clients gave you a call, that’s not giving the best service, that is called doing your job.

Care More.

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