10 Best Realtor Closing Gift Ideas for Clients [2024]

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As a realtor, nurturing a long-term relationship with your clients is crucial, extending well beyond the final signature on a deal. For years now, the most accepted (and now expected) method is the ever popular “closing gift”. While we’ve proven that true client loyalty is earned when you start showing clients care from the first moment you start working with them, we know some real estate professionals will never get away from the standard closing gift. So if you’re going to do the expected, you better do it really really well. With that, the right gift should not only make your client feel valued but also hopefully cements your standing as their go-to real estate expert. So, what are some ideal closing gifts for real estate clients? And what are some things to look out for with more common options? Here are our 10 options with a clear winner at the end.

Gift baskets

While gift baskets may seem like a thoughtful idea (and they’re certainly a popular choice when you’re in a time crunch), they are often forgettable and can come across as impersonal. If you go this route, don’t be generic with the assortment, try to find something ultra personal and specific about the client for the basket contents. 

Local restaurant booking

A reservation at a local restaurant can be a nice/impactful touch, but be careful not to place any burden upon the recipient or the experience can become work for them. And don’t take the easy way out with a gift card or credit to a specific establishment. Instead you’ll want to find out their ideal restaurant and then work closely with the staff there to arrange everything so it’s perfect. Make sure your clients are greeted by name when they arrive and that they never receive a bill at the end (you’ve already taken care of it personally with the staff). It’s a ton of work to orchestrate but if you do it this way it will leave a lasting impression and punctuate your client’s significant milestone.

Personalized items

Customized gifts like doormats or key hooks add a personal touch and are more memorable. If this is your client’ first home with a pool, have a monogrammed or personalized pool sign crafted to adorn their new outdoor space. This kind of thing demonstrates effort and consideration, making them a better choice for realtor closing gifts for clients.

Decorative pieces

Choosing a decorative item is risky unless you’re certain of your client’s taste. While it can be a hit, it often risks not aligning with their style, making it a less reliable choice. So if you have the time and energy to go this route you’ll want to get your clients to answer some questions in a creative way (so they don’t know you’re planning a gift). This will let you get an idea of their style so you can play off of that.

Card games

Card games, especially those that promote conversation and communication in a group, are a unique closing gift. These can create moments of family bonding. Whenever you can create an experience with a gift, it’s a big win. However, be sure to pick the right game/experience as the wrong selection in this category can feel more like a novelty than a thoughtful gift.

Self-care essentials

After the stress of moving, self-care items can be a thoughtful gesture. Just be careful with what you choose as these things can be personal and can sometimes be taken the wrong way… ie you don’t want your clients to think you’re telling them they have bags under their eyes. You just want them to relax and unwind!

Wine or champagne

A classic choice and quite popular so, if you go this route, do it with intention. A generic bottle of wine to a client who is not wine interested will almost never hit the mark. But if you paid attention and learned your client is a “wino” and loves New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and you find a great one they may never have tried… that’s a win! While you might think any bottle can celebrate any occasion, keep in mind that the overwhelming commonness of this gift makes it feel meaningless if it’s not specific. 

Tea or coffee sets

Tea or coffee sets can be a delightful gift if you know your client’s preference. But again, be as specific as possible with the type, style, brand, etc. Hopefully you can get some insight from them in the process of working together. 

Scented items

Candles and diffusers are popular and generally enjoyed but this is something you really want to test out before buying as personal scent preferences vary considerably. Maybe get a sample of something you’re considering and have 10 people you know and trust give it a whiff before committing to a scent for your gifts. 

Gift cards

Let’s be real, gift cards are the easy way out. Keep in mind every recipient is also a gifter at times, so they have undoubtedly had a moment before where they didn’t know what to get someone or hadn’t planned ahead and ran through the grocery store to grab a gift card last minute! While you may be loading that gift card with a high value, not only does the dollar value element of the card serve to quantify the human relationship, the choice gives an impression of uncertainty and a last-minute choice, which can diminish the perceived value of your service.

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