• Why a Closing Gift Can Hurt Your Real Estate Business.

    Closing gifts are a time-honored tradition in Real Estate transactions, and while these gifts are nice gestures, they can potentially send the wrong message.

  • Branded Gifts are Not Gifts

    If your first thought is to send clients or employees branded corporate gifts, like a mug with your company logo on it, think again. Branded gifts are not gifts.

  • The 16 Worst Real Estate Closing Gifts

    The Real Estate industry needs to get better at gifting. In a referral-based world, a good gift sets you apart. Here’s how.

  • Why Employee Care is Crucial to Successful Business

    Employee care and happiness are essential parts of a successful company. Here’s how to ensure you’re getting it right (through gifting).

  • Tips & Advice for The New Realtor

    Ahh. You just passed your Real Estate exam and acquired your license. Congratulations! You’re wide-eyed and ready to hit the ground running, speaking with top local producers looking for advice about how to be a good Real Estate agent.  Every Real Estate professional and business owner knows that prospecting never stops. You must build this inescapable part of the business into your everyday routine even when revenue is steady. The last thing any new Real Estate agent wants is to worry about an unstable income. Your all-important pipeline is built on various activities, including networking events, print ads, Facebook ads, door hangers, meticulous follow-up, a sphere of influence/referrals, cold-calls, repeat clients, and door-knocking. In the first couple of months of starting in the business, most new Real Estate agents obsess over the latest techniques, scripts, […]