• The Ultimate Guide to Employee Appreciation & Recognition Gifting in 2024

    The perfect way to show your employees that you value their work is through employee gifting. And in turn, your employees will feel recognized and appreciated; improving productivity and job satisfaction levels. Here are some tips to help you ace corporate gifting and learn how best to implement it in your workplace. Benefits of Employee Appreciation Gift Giving Gifts have always been a part of human culture and are one of the five recognized love languages. In almost every culture, gift-giving is a way to show appreciation and make the recipient feel good, and in the workplace, this is no exception. Through employee appreciation gifting, you’ll benefit from: Boosted morale A positive attitude is contagious, and your employees will arrive at work feeling noticed, motivated, and ready to tackle what’s ahead.  Improved productivity By recognizing success, your team will […]

  • Financial Planning for Gen Z: Empowering the Next Generation’s Success

    Dive into the nuances of financial planning for Gen Z, uncovering the distinct challenges and opportunities that await advisors in this ever-evolving financial landscape. As experts in the field, you have the power to guide and support Gen Z through the intricacies of personal finance, crafting tailored strategies that will set them up for incredible success. Understanding Gen Z’s Financial Perspective: Gen Z, those born from 1997 onwards, is carving their own path in the world of finance. Shaped by the financial crises of the early 21st century, this generation possesses a unique perspective. Here are some mind-blowing statistics that will truly inspire you: 62% of Gen Z are already saving monthly, and a staggering 77% aspire to own a home in the future! Isn’t that absolutely incredible? It is clear that this generation values […]

  • How to Provide 5-Star Service as a Financial Advisor

    As a financial advisor, delivering exceptional service isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s the cornerstone of building lasting client relationships and ensuring business growth. A survey published in Financial Advisor Magazine reveals that a staggering 72% of clients cite poor client communications as the primary reason for parting ways with their financial advisor. As client expectations continue to evolve, the imperative isn’t merely providing personalized and frequent communication but also being proactive in addressing their needs. In this dynamic landscape, advisors who excel in this realm distinguish themselves by setting the new standard for what five-star service truly means. The Role of Technology Modern technology plays a vital role in fostering superior client-advisor relationships, offering real-time insights through tools like financial planning software and investment tracking apps – such as WealthVision, MoneyGuidePro, and Right Capital. For […]

  • Mastering the Art of Thoughtful Gifting for Financial Advisors: Strategies, Community Building, and Efficiency

    In the financial world, where numbers and data often take center stage, there’s a hidden gem that holds immeasurable value: thoughtful gifting. It’s a practice that goes beyond mere presents; it’s a strategy that can foster deeper connections, nurture loyalty and retention, and pave the way for invaluable referrals. Strengthening Client Relationships – The Van Leeuwen & Co. Approach Ken Van Leeuwen, a pioneer in the financial advisory field, understands that client relationships extend beyond numbers and portfolios. It’s about creating a sense of community, where clients feel valued and appreciated. Ken’s secret? Personalized gestures that leave an indelible mark. Imagine receiving a birthday greeting signed by your entire advisory team, a warm voicemail wishing you good health, or a referral gift that arrives as an elegant Tiffany & Co. wine glass. These small, yet […]

  • Compliant Client Gifting: Goodbye Guesswork with Gifting Logs for Financial Advisors

    Explore how gifting logs are revolutionizing client engagement for financial advisors. Say goodbye to guesswork and enhance client engagement today with compliance-driven gifting.