Client Care Packages

In a world where every client interaction is unique, our Client Care Packages offer the perfect blend of thoughtfulness and ease. Whether it's celebrating a new partnership, offering congratulations on a milestone, or just showing your appreciation in a meaningful way, our packages are tailored to fit every situation with elegance and care. With us, it's easy to show that you care.

Grid of gifts including coasters, travel bag, NodPod, reed diffuser, and towel
Tailored for Every Occasion

Every occasion deserves a unique touch, and our Client Care Packages are designed to cater to just that. Whether it's commemorating a successful collaboration, welcoming a new client, or simply expressing your appreciation during the holiday season, we have you covered. Our team works diligently to understand the context and significance of each event, ensuring that every package we send out is not only elegant and high-quality but also perfectly suited to the occasion. Make each milestone memorable with a gift that truly resonates.

Quality and Variety in Every Box

We source an eclectic mix of products from trusted brands and artisanal creators, ensuring every item is of the highest standard. From handcrafted chocolates and premium wines to eco-friendly office gadgets and wellness products, our diverse selection caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. We believe in providing a delightful unboxing experience that surprises and satisfies your clients, reinforcing the value you place on your business relationships.

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Examples of Client Care Packages
  • Personal Accomplishment

    Personal Accomplishment

    With this high quality Baronfig pen and notebook, you'll make a personal and environmental impact! With every purchase of this Baronfig notebook, a tree is planted. What better way to celebrate growth?

    Personal Accomplishment

    Includes: Baronfig Squire Pen, Baronfig Confidant Hardcover Notebook

    Personal Accomplishment
    Personal Accomplishment Card
    Personal Accomplishment Card Message
  • New Baby Bathtime!

    New Baby Bathtime!

    Bathtime, while fun, can be a bit stressful in a parent's evening routine. This bundle of joy is designed to send something special for the new baby and include a stress reliever for the new parents.

  • Deepest Condolences

    Deepest Condolences

    Sending special comfort and strength with 'Forget-Me-Not' seedlings and a Coconut Vetiver candle. These wish paper seedlings can be planted to serve as a reminder of love and comfort, as well as new growth during a difficult time.

  • Get Well Essentials Box

    Get Well Essentials Box

    Whether it's a head cold or the flu, this kit will help nurse your recipient back to health with some key at-home necessities. A relaxing night of movies and chicken noodle soup is just what the doctor ordered!

  • Love is in the Air!

    Love is in the Air!

    Send the celebration of love with this curated gift! This romantic box includes a jewelry dish, bottle of Tost Rosé (sparkling, non-alcoholic), wooden bottle box, and (2) champagne flutes for a toast to a lifetime of love.

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Real Feedback From a Real Client Giant

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Here at Client Giant, we consider ourselves corporate gifting experts. We understand the value of giving and know just what it can do for both the sender and the recipient. As a business, you want to have that personal touch that makes you stand out from the rest, and that is easily achieved through corporate gifting.

All our gifts are carefully thought out, and when you sign up for one of our client care packages you are showing your clients how much you appreciate them, not just as clients, but as people too. Our Top of Mind plans are all-inclusive solutions to client care management and are easily achievable for you with just a simple click of a button. These ongoing quarterly surprises are thoughtful gifts reflecting the relevant season or a topical event and will be delivered to your clients every 3 months in a delightful client care box that reminds them of their value to you.

Gifts come in all shapes and packages and can vary hugely in what they cost, but they do not all carry the same amount of thought and consideration as each other. Pointless gifts are a waste of time; they mean nothing to anybody and do not bring any delight, but a well-meaning gift will always achieve happiness, that's why we take so much care over selecting our choice of gifts for our client care package. Gifts such as our Candle Refill Kit may not be something you would think to choose to give someone, but that's exactly what makes it special. A present is not something somebody would buy themself every day, it should be a treat, something special, something different. Most people would never think to make their own candles, but simple pleasures are often achieved by taking time out of the daily grind and doing something different.

A client care box can contain anything from elegant reed diffusers for the home that will be enjoyed by all the family, a travel toiletry bag for the nomadic amongst us, or a question game for those who love interactive fun and connecting with people. Better still, who'd ever have thought about sending someone something to help them with the ever-mundane chore of laundry? Our Friendsheep Dryer Balls show clients, colleagues, and friends alike that we all have to do the boring stuff, and there is no harm in injecting a little fun and thought into it! These eco-friendly and sustainable dryer balls show that you not only care about your clients but the environment as well.

Inject a little happiness into people's lives, and you'll be rewarded with loyalty and long-lasting relationships. By ordering a client care package or any of our client appreciation gifts you can nurture a positive work environment and build and connect teams that work in harmony together, knowing they are all appreciated as individuals. Visit the Client Giant website today to discover our automated and custom gifts for employees and clients, that will set you apart from the rest.

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