Financial Advisor Gifts to Clients

Generate referrals and stay top of mind with the leading client engagement platform designed for financial advisors. Deliver unprecedented experiences that will make clients feel appreciated while you enjoy the collateral results.

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Client Milestone Plans

Celebrate special business or personal milestones

Client Acquisition Plans

Accelerate new client wins

Client Retention Plans

Quarterly surprise gifting for clients

Let's chat about what's best for you and your clients:

Earn raving referrals & repeat business

58% of wealth investors found their financial advisor through a referral.

70% of investors are likely to refer people to their primary advisor, yet only 10.7% of advisors actually ask for referrals.

The lifetime value of a referred client is 16% higher than a non-referred client.

People are 400% more likely to become a client when referred by a friend.

Built with Financial Advisors in Mind
  • Fully compliant with NASD, FINRA and SEC.

  • Custom reports to satisfy reporting requirements.

  • Budget allocation with alerts to ensure compliance.

Driving growth for the most trusted brands
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Real Feedback From a Real Client Giant

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Your clients want and need to feel appreciated, not just feel like they are another cog in the wheel of your business, and when they feel happier, they are more likely to refer you and your company to others. By arranging wealth advisor gifts for clients, you not only surprise and delight them, but you do yourself and your company a massive favor too. Did you know that 58% of wealth investors find their financial advisors through referrals? Well, when you are celebrating their special milestones with thoughtful gifts and showing them you care, you will be number one on their list of memorable companies to work with. With 70% of investors more likely to refer people to their primary advisors, arranging client gifts for financial advisors is an incredible way to build relationships, better business connections and even more happy and satisfied customers.

Client care strategies can be time-consuming and often cause people a lot of headaches trying to come up with new ideas and plans of action to keep everyone content. You have more important things to think about, so let us deal with the happiness of your clients. At Client Giant, we are corporate gifting experts, and our financial advisor gifts to clients are carefully thought out, personally packaged, and delivered to your customer's doorstep, designed for financial advisors, and are fully compliant with NASD, FINRA, and SEC.

Past clients don't always mean future business, so boost your financial advisor practice by generating referrals today, being memorable to clients, and showing them you care in an effortless way. With our different types of client gifts for financial advisors you decide whether you want to accelerate new client wins with our client acquisition plan, celebrate special milestones - personal or business - together with your clients, or secure their loyalty with our client retention plans. Keeping you at the forefront of your client's mind is a sure way to earn referrals, and by consistently crafting those special moments throughout the year your clients will be continuously surprised and grateful for your thoughtfulness.

We have three different types of pricing tiers on our client appreciation and retention gifts, and all prices include the chosen gift, a personal note, packaging, and delivery, and of course, we don't use any advertising or branding because we don't see this as a free marketing opportunity, we do the work and we want you to get the credit.

Financial advisor gifts to clients include such treats as a gourmet gift box filled with deluxe gourmet snacks and a message of gratitude; tailored-made gifts specific to your client's interests, such as signed sports memorabilia, vinyl records of their favorite music artist, or donations to their favorite charity, or tickets to special events such as concerts, sports matches or spa packages.

Whatever wealth advisor gifts you choose for your clients the results will be the same - you will have created a positive experience for your clients and that will be reciprocated with their loyalty and future referrals. You have the power to make someone's day, and we have the ideas!

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