Top of Mind

The Top of Mind Plan is comprised of quarterly gifts that are thoughtful and relevant to the season or a topical event. Each touch includes a personal message from you.

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  • Top of Mind

    Top of Mind

    Ongoing quarterly surprise and delight gifts

    * Pricing per client
    $9.99 /mo
    $99 /yr
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  • Top of Mind Plus +

    Top of Mind Plus +

    Elevated quarterly gifts with customizable messaging

    * Pricing per client
    $24.99 /mo
    $249 /yr
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Examples of Past Gifts

Plans are all-inclusive solutions. Pricing includes the gift, note, fulfillment, and delivery of each item. Each year will present a new set of surprise touches.

  • Summer Paradise Tea Set

    Summer Paradise Tea Set

    Comes with: Pyramid Tea Infuser and Set of Limited Edition Vahdam Teas (Hibiscus Rose & Lemon Ginger)

    Summer Paradise Tea Set

    Why we chose this gift

    Iced tea is the staple of any summertime activity! Whether making a pitcher for a pool party or to enjoy a single glass on a warm day, this iced tea kit is the perfect gift for a sunny season.

    Summer Paradise Tea Set
    Summer 2023 Card
    Summer 2023 Card Message
  • Friendsheep Dryer Balls

    Friendsheep Dryer Balls

    Comes with: Set of 3 Eco-Friendly Friendsheep White Dryer Balls in canvas bag

  • Platters & Boards Book

    Platters & Boards Book

    One Platters & Boards book, complete with 40 different recipes.

  • The Question Game

    The Question Game

    Interactive 54-card Question Game

How many clients do I take care of?

A total investment of $4,950

200 thoughtful gifts per year

50 people who already trust you

When only 2 out of 200 touches results in referral, retention, or repeat business...

That's a 182%* profit!

* Based on projected profit of $9,050.

Past Clients Don't Always Mean Future Business

It's important to show you care to the people who have trusted you. Stay in touch in an authentic way, on a regular basis, in a way that is effortless to you.

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Real Feedback From a Real Client Giant

Why Do This For My Client?

  • Be memorable

    "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

  • Create share-worthy moments

    We live in a relationship economy where people share moments that made them feel special.

  • Earn passionate referrals

    Convert passive recommendations into passionate referrals from your army of raving fans.