Real Estate Client Gifts

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Real Estate transactions provide a unique opportunity to create a remarkable client experience over a longer period of time than almost any other industry. Each Client Giant Transaction Package consists of a series of touches orchestrated by us, addressed from you, and delivered directly to your client at critical moments during and after the transaction.

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Transaction Packages Client experiences for every milestone throughout the transaction
Packages as low as $349
Retention Plans Quarterly surprise gifting for past clients
Plans as low as $9.99 /mo
Experiences designed around every real estate transaction.


Designed for clients purchasing a home.


Designed for clients selling a home.


For clients buying or selling a non-owner occupied residence.


An experience built around the refinancing process.

What's Included
  • Free shipping & tracking on everything!
  • Visibility and notifications for every touch
  • No Client Giant branding. You’re the rockstar!
  1. Gold
  2. Platinum
  3. Diamond
  4. Titanium
  1. Under Contract

    Kickstart the experience with thoughtful, helpful, and remarkable touches.

    • Personal Concierge

      Ongoing during entire package

      Direct line to a Personal Concierge for assistance with information and/or coordination of services in your area (i.e. scheduling of movers, restaurant reservations, etc.)

      Included in
      • Titanium

      Personal Concierge

      Includes: Direct line to a Personal Concierge for assistance with information and/or coordination of services in your area (i.e. scheduling of movers, restaurant reservations, etc.)

      Personal Concierge
    • Under Contract Gift!

      Typically sent Day 1-4

      Stress Relief Kit: Includes Calming Tea, Head Scalp Massager, Advil, & Custom Pen with Notepad that reads: "Things for someone else to Worry About"

      Included in
      • Gold
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
      • Titanium
    • Boxes, Tape, & Other Moving Supplies

      Typically sent Day 6-10

      ie. 14 Various Size Boxes, 4 Rolls of SmartMove Tape, Tape Dispenser, Wrapping Paper

      Included in
      • Gold
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
      • Titanium
    • Help with Forwarding of Address & Transferring of Utilities

      Typically sent Day 21-25

      ie. Email Link to Central Portal that Facilitates Setup and Transfer of US Mail, Utilities, and Cable

      Included in
      • Gold
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
      • Titanium
  2. Conditions Removed

    A major checkpoint to celebrate nearing the finish line.

    • Midway Milestone Surprise!

      Typically sent Day 17-21

      ie. Deluxe Gift Box filled w/ Gourmet Snacks and Congratulatory Message

      Included in
      • Gold
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
      • Titanium
  3. Transaction Close

    A moment that calls for sincere gratitude and appreciation.

    • Handwritten Thank You Card

      Typically sent Day 30-45

      ie. Handwritten Thank You Card at Closing, Expressing Sincere Gratitude in Working Together

      Included in
      • Gold
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
      • Titanium
  4. Possession

    Leave a lasting impression long after the key exchange.

    • Movie Night In Experience

      Typically sent day 6-10

      Everyone loves a movie night and your clients are no different! Equip them with all the sweets & treats they need for a perfect night in their home.

      Included in
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
      • Titanium
    • Personalized Gift

      Typically sent Day 37-52

      ie. Engraved Maple Cutting Board - 'The Smith Kitchen: Established 2019'

      Included in
      • Gold
    • Gift Tailored to Client's Interests

      Typically sent Day 37-52

      ie. Signed Sports Memorabilia, Vinyl Record of Favorite Musical Artist, Donation to Most-Loved Charity on Behalf of Client

      Included in
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
      • Titanium
    • Choice of Professional Service

      Typically sent Day 51-69

      Your client will be called by a concierge working on your behalf to gift them their choice of one of the following services. Whether they are celebrating the sale of a house or dealing with moving, these services are perfect to help offer care for their house, or care for themselves. ie. In-Home Professional Cleaning, Mobile Car Wash, Massage

      Included in
      • Titanium
    • Celebratory Dinner for 2 w/ Round-Trip Transportation

      Typically sent Day 60-75 - *Maximum budget within reason. Inquire for details.

      Client's Choice of Restaurant, Transportation Credit for Round-Trip To/From Residence. All Payments and Gratuity Included. *Maximum budget within reason. Inquire for details.

      Included in
      • Diamond
      • Titanium
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Run a Brokerage?

In an industry that employs independent contractors who operate differently from one another, brokerage owners must go above and beyond to take control of the most important component of any client-based business... the experience.

By offering agents the Client Giant experience for their clients, you deliver immense value immediately on each transaction and even greater residual value for years to come, as the referral engine scales their business to new levels.

Two brokerage agents

Built With Teams and Partners in Mind

  • Assign By Agent

    Team accounts allow you to assign plans and packages to the respective agent on the ground servicing the deal.

  • Built-in Split Payments

    Authorize split payment partners for easy accounting.

  • Co-marketing Friendly

    Agents and lenders can team up on shared clients directly through their accounts.

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Whether you are the buyer or the seller, the whole process of moving house, or exchanging ownership of a property can be extremely stressful. As real estate agents you know the worries your clients have securing the deal, arranging the money transfer or loan, setting the dates, and getting everything packed and moved on specific days, and you have to deal with clients on both sides. That's why Client Giant has created gifts to give real estate clients to help smooth out the process.

The nature of the real estate business means that you have a longer connection with your clients than most other industries, and this is a unique opportunity to create a great experience for them with our client gifts from realtors' packages. We have created a series of personal touches that have been carefully thought out throughout the whole buying and selling process, and those realtor client gifts will be delivered directly to your client at critical moments along the client journey.

People tend not to move houses too many times in their lives, so very often it can be their first experience, and everything will be new to them. Our real estate client gift packages start by giving a direct line to a personal concierge who can assist with information throughout the entire process; this way your clients will feel constantly supported by you.

Our realtor gifts to clients continue, and at various points along the process we will send out thoughtful gifts personally packaged and delivered by us, but addressed from you to show your clients it's not just business, but you really care about them. Real estate client gifts include a stress-relief kit with calming tea and a head scalp massager, moving supply items like tape and boxes, email links to help with forwarding addresses and transferring utilities, a midway surprise box filled with delicious gourmet snacks to help keep up moral, and a hand-written thank you card to show your appreciation when the transaction is successfully completed.

Our real estate gifts for clients don't just stop there; with our diamond and titanium packages you can also receive a celebratory dinner for two, including transport, once they have settled into their new home, ensuring if they move again they will certainly be using your superior services!

Client Giant are corporate gifting experts, and we help to nurture relationships by developing our real estate gifts for clients where we do all the work, and you get all the credit! Making people feel appreciated boosts happiness and positivity, and this will only be good for business. By sending an unexpected real estate client gift you have the element of surprise that will have an even greater impact on the receiver.

Our AI and data-driven platform means it's easier than ever to arrange real estate client gifts or any other client appreciation gifts. You can spend more time on the transaction at hand, while we will make sure your clients stay happy - everyone's a winner!

In the fast-paced world of real estate, expressing gratitude to clients through thoughtful closing gifts is a timeless gesture. Here are ten stellar ideas for realtors seeking to leave a lasting impression on their clients:

  • Personalized Home Décor: Customized items like engraved cutting boards or monogrammed doormats add a personal touch.
  • Smart Home Devices: Gadgets like smart thermostats or video doorbells enhance convenience and security.
  • Subscription Services: Gift clients a subscription to a meal delivery service or a home cleaning service for a hassle-free transition.
  • Local Experiences: Offer gift cards to local restaurants, spas, or entertainment venues to help clients explore their new neighborhood.
  • Custom Artwork: Commission a local artist to create a piece that captures the essence of the client's new home.
  • Wine or Spirits: A quality bottle of wine or artisanal spirits is a classic choice for celebrating the milestone of homeownership.
  • Home Maintenance Tools: Practical gifts like toolkits or gardening sets equip clients for their new responsibilities.
  • Personalized Stationery: Custom stationery sets with the client's new address make for a thoughtful and useful gift.
  • Outdoor Gear: For clients moving to areas with outdoor recreational opportunities, consider gifting camping equipment or hiking gear.
  • Charity Donations: Make a donation to a charity in the client's name, demonstrating a commitment to community and philanthropy.

By selecting a real estate closing gift that reflects the client's tastes and interests, realtors can solidify their relationships and ensure a positive experience that extends beyond the closing table.