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Inspire Happiness

Focusing on important moments for your teammates from their first day on, will continue to promote a long-lasting relationship between them and the company.

  • Work Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Achievements
  • Job Offer Packages
  • Holiday Gifting
  • New Year Surprises
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What if you could make an employee wildly happy and loyal for an investment of less than 1% of their salary?

Investing in existing employee relationships is more effective, less costly, and yields great returns.

The Solutionist Plans:

  • Entry

    $39 /mo
    $399 /yr
    [per employee]
  • Standard

    $79 /mo
    $799 /yr
    [per employee]
  • Premium

    $119 /mo
    $1,199 /yr
    [per employee]

The Solutionist: Standard Plan includes

Plans are all-inclusive gifting solutions. Pricing includes the gifts, personalized notes to recipients, fulfillment, and shipping of each item. AND, gifts never repeat..

  • Birthday


    Celebrate the start of another trip around the sun!


    Includes: Pinch Provisions Kit, Candy Club Cupcake Bites, Eatable Gourmet Popcorn, Tops Malibu Sparkle Wish Candle, Old Whaling Co Body Butter, Champagne Drink Bomb

    Birthday Gift Contents
    Birthday Card
    Birthday Card Message
  • Work Anniversary

    Work Anniversary

    A milestone worthy of celebration. Here's to every achievement, big and small, for every relationship formed and explored.

  • Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

    This journey with the company starts at home, and honoring that is as important as creating a healthy work environment for people to flourish. Acknowledge the importance of rest and restoration in our everyday lives.

  • New Year Kick-Off

    New Year Kick-Off

    Kick-off the year with a thoughtful gift to remind the recipient you care.

  • Summer Surprise

    Summer Surprise

    Celebrate summer and all the energy longer days and warmer evenings bring with it.

Why do this for Employees?

  • Surprise & Delight

    Your employee gifts reach into the household, allowing the whole family to share in the experience. Put a smile on your employee's face by showing that you care. After all, happy employees are more loyal, more productive, and more likely to stick around.

  • It's Personal, Not Business

    Giving is about the employee, not the employer or the brand. Whether you’re celebrating milestones or simply saying thanks, gifting is the perfect way to tell your employees how much you value their contributions.

  • It's a Game Changer

    Fostering relationships is the key to future success for employers and employees. Nurture two-way communication by surprising employees with thoughtful, personalized gifts for your staff.


There are tons of benefits to recognizing your staff with gifts. It's one of the best ways to show your employees how much you appreciate them, which can in turn boost productivity, decrease stress levels, and encourage employee loyalty and retention. And the positives don't stop there! Learn more about the benefits of employee care here.

Everyone loves a little extra money, but physical gifts have some distinct advantages over handing out envelopes of cash. A thoughtful surprise can be much more personal and memorable. Physical gifts can also help foster positive feelings toward the company, and the long-term nature of the gift serves as a reminder to the employee that they're appreciated and valued.

Absolutely! While working from home has plenty of benefits, remote workers are also more likely to feel isolated and disconnected from their company and coworkers. Surprise gifts can help remind your remote team members that they're valuable to your organization and ensure that they feel supported.

While there's not a hard and fast dollar limit for employee care, a general rule of thumb is 1% of an employee's annual salary. An easy way to grasp this is, would you pay a valued employee 1% more to ensure engagement, retention, and loyalty?

The best gifts are thoughtful, practical, and heartfelt. Recognizing your employees with regular gifts can have a huge impact on company culture and morale and even boost performance. Remember, it's not about the tangible gift itself. It's about showing you're paying attention, expressing your care, and routinely demonstrating your appreciation for your workforce.

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