One-Off Care Packages for a Limited Time!

Show your people you’re thinking of them!

These One-Off Care Packages have been designed and made available in response to our members’ desire to show their people how much they’re cared for and being thought of during this challenging time. Your people might be clients, employees, teammates, and even friends and family.

If you’re already a Client Giant member, you likely already have a long list of people in the system. You can add more people with ease and send the right gift to each of them with the touch of a button.

Gift Examples

  • 2021 > 2020 Shot Glasses

    2021 > 2020 Shot Glasses

    Set of (4) "2021>2020" shot glasses. Grab 3 others and toast to the new year!

    Message Included:

    Time for a fresh start! It's about time! Sending you all the best this year! Now... let's give 2021 a shot!

  • Movie Night In Care Package

    Movie Night In Care Package

    Beautifully wrapped movie night accoutrements include $20 Amazon Gift Card for film rental or purchase, 2 boxes of old-fashioned theater snacks, and a bag of movie theater popcorn.

    Message Included:

    Time to put your feet up, enjoy some old-fashioned theater snacks, and get lost in a good movie! This is for you to rent or purchase a new film while relaxing in the comfort of your home. Feel free to report back if you see a movie that can’t be missed!

  • At-Home Pizza Party

    At-Home Pizza Party

    An entertaining way to enjoy an Italian evening of fresh pizza, music, and drinks at home! Whether it’s a special date night, a fun family affair, or simply an excuse for something new. Includes 9” pizza pan, protective gripper, wheel cutter, crust pack (with 3 servings), 4 cloth napkins, 2 pizza recipes and complementary drink suggestions.

    Message Included:

    While ordering delivery can be easy, it’s time to pepper in some skill with the art of making pizza from scratch! Here’s a perfect way to enjoy fresh pizza and entertainment right at home! Have fun!