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Turn every Buyer & Seller into a referral machine.

Deliver an unprecedented experience during each transaction and keep yourself top of mind with clients for years to come. We deliver thoughtful, helpful, and relevant gifts and experiences all addressed from you.

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Retain Every Client

You are 5 TIMES more likely to close a deal through an existing relationship. - Marketing Matrix

Spend Less

It costs 7 TIMES more to land a new client than to sell through an existing one.
- Bain & Company

Drive Referrals

Clients who are referred by a friend are 4 TIMES more likely to buy from you. - Nielsen

Real results from a REAL Client Giant

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Transaction Packages

Real Estate transactions provide a unique opportunity to create a remarkable client experience over a longer period of time than almost any other industry. Each Client Giant Transaction Package consists of a series of touches orchestrated by us, addressed from you, and delivered directly to your client at critical moments during and after the transaction.

Gold Package $349 6 Touches
Platinum Package $599 7 Touches
Diamond Package $1199 8 Touches
Titanium Package $1999 10 Touches

How much should I re-invest in my clients experience?

Use this simple calculator to figure out what package is best suited for you and your clients.

Expected commission:
We recommend the
Only a investment of your expected commission.

And don’t forget about your past clients

88 out of 100 people say they’d use their agent again...

88 out of 100 people say they’d use their agent again...

Only 12 of them actually do.

Only 12 of them actually do.

Agent Sauce - 2019

Top of Mind Plan

The Top of Mind Plan is comprised of quarterly gifts that are thoughtful and relevant to the season or a topical event. Each touch includes a personal message from you.

Gift Examples
Winter 2020

"With everyone coming up with resolutions this time of year, why not take it a step further? This One Line a Day Journal is to be used as an inspiring tool to jot down memories, goals, and feelings day-to-day! This simple practice creates a daily account throughout the year and the 5-year format helps to remind and inspire you about where you were a year ago, where you are now, and where you’re going. It’s like a beautiful little time machine! Enjoy, and have fun looking back on exactly what was happening for you on this day in one year!" -Jane Doe, ABC Company

Spring 2020

"Now more than ever, it’s the ideal time to refresh and brighten up all our surroundings. In the spirit of spring cleaning and the fight against dust, germs, and fingerprints, here’s a little something to help throughout the home or office this season. All-natural, non-toxic, pure goodness. Here’s to a healthy, clean, and fresh environment!" - Jane Doe, ABC Company

Summer 2020

"As the months get warmer and the days last longer, it's important to bask in the joy of being outdoors while staying protected. Now you're covered from sun up to sundown. Enjoy! Here's to a fantastic Summer!" -Jane Doe, ABC Company

Fall 2020

"Did someone call for room service? Surprise! A simple squeeze of this handle will release an elegant combination of Fall-scented essential oils, cinnamon aroma, and smiles. Enjoy a fun and relaxing close to 2020!" -Jane Doe, ABC Company

$9.99/month or $99/year
(per client)

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thoughtful gifts!
people who already trust you.
If just touches drives a referral...
That's a profit!

Member Results

We organically grew to service all 50 states and Canada in under a year for one reason: Results.

Our members are seeing more growth than ever, while being able to work and live more freely, knowing that their clients have become their most loyal advocates .

Earned $40,000 in commission from her first Top of Mind touch. An 1800% ROI.

Ellie Walters - Real Estate Agent, Florida

Business has grown 400% since implementing Client Giant.

Jordan Wilson - Real Estate Agent, California

Received 4 referral clients from 1st Client Giant package.

Joe DePue - Real Estate Agent, Florida


Of course not, silly. That’s our job. Our #1 priority is taking care of your clients. #2 is creating major efficiency in your business and your life. Our system is built to deliver each authentic touch through a natural flow with casual, impactful language, based on critical points in the client’s transaction. No need to confirm touches, choose gifts, change messages, or schedule anything. It’s all done for you while giving you full visibility and control throughout the process.

That’s entirely up to you. Most real estate agents and lenders base each package tier on their anticipated commision for that particular transaction. Use our Package Calculator at (Note: On average, our members are reinvesting 7.2% of anticipated commission from each transaction).

No problem! In the meantime, lock in loyalty and referrals from your past clients! Most members begin using Client Giant by placing their past clients on the Top of Mind Plan. Top of Mind is a client retention and referral plan comprised of thoughtful gifts that go out to your clients every quarter. This plan has one of the highest returns on investment for our members. See client feedback and examples of Top of Mind at

Well…$9,900…but yes! And that means that 100 past clients, 100 people who ALREADY trust you, have ALREADY done business with you are going to receive 4 gifts a year. That’s 4 different touches, 4 separate share-worthy moments, and 400 total gifts! If you’re not able to get AT LEAST a few referrals and closed deals from 400 thoughtful touches to people who already like you, mayyyyyybe it’s time to consider a career change. Use our Top of Mind Calculator at to see what’s best for you!

I’m glad you asked! You will receive a 2-day notification via email prior to every touch showing exactly what is being sent, when the item is being triggered, and the message that will accompany the gift. You are able to skip, delay, or expedite each touch as you wish. All live in your Client Giant activity portal and can be accessed anytime (Note: ‘Happening Date’ represents when something is triggered, not received).

Nope! You don’t have to worry about any branded trinkets or cheesy, self-serving elements like that. That’s our whole philosophy proven out over tens of thousands of clients and transactions. We live by the mantra, “If you’re gonna give a gift, give a gift. Not marketing ‘swag’.”

Sure! You can modify messages with the Executive, Luxury, and Elite plans. Notes are not able to be modified on Top of Mind.

Not at all. If someone you had worked with closely in the past began showing their appreciation for their past clients and you were one of them, you would likely think two things… 1. Their business is probably doing well, and 2. They are reflecting on their success and starting to show gratitude for those who have been a part of their journey. That doesn’t feel “weird”, that feels awesome!

Oh, good! You’re looking for another full time job! Client Giant was born after YEARS of sharing the blueprint to audiences across the world, observing happy faces and nodding heads in agreement. However, very, very few ever did anything about it. Let’s face it, information has never been the problem, it’s the execution. Sort of how we know what the best diet is yet we still don’t have 6-pack abs. Let us give you your 6-pack without you lifting a finger.

Chances are if a deal has been cancelled, your client will soon be under contract again and pick up where they left off. For example, if a buyer has received their Under Contract Gift and Moving Boxes, but then the inspection has caused them to cancel…simply PAUSE the transaction in your Client Giant portal, and we will pick up where we left off once they have found a new property. If a client completely cancels and is not going to work with you anymore, you can cancel the transaction and receive a prorated credit to your Client Giant account for services not yet rendered.

Since all annually paid plans are final sale, we will issue your Client Giant account a prorated credit for the remainder of the plan that was not used less hard costs incurred by Client Giant. Most members will then use this credit toward the purchase of a new plan for a different client.

Make your sandwich, but first…consider this: When a member begins ordering packages and plans for their clients, there is a 92% chance they continue ordering for future clients. While we’d love to believe it’s to send our kids to college, it’s probably instead due to the results they are experiencing. Start today, plug your clients in, and watch us go to work for you!

“Client Giant is such an amazing service for my clients! I love giving meaningful gifts to my clients during and after a transaction, just to show my gratitude. But I admit it’s hard to do when I’m super busy. Client Giant helps streamline this so I don’t have to even think about it. This has led to amazing reviews, lifelong clients, and future referrals. I don’t know what I did before CG.”

Monica Villalobos REALTOR®

“I have used Client Giant several times and can’t say enough about their service. Truly white glove! My clients give me great feedback and love the personal touches they receive. I’ve already gotten referrals from clients simply because of the experience that was created for them during the process, and a huge part of that is Client Giant. It’s a huge relief and gives me great peace of mind to simply sign up my clients and let Client Giant handle the rest!”

Jordan Wilson REALTOR®

“Client Giant has been invaluable for my business. I started using them at the being of the year and have signed all my new clients up for packages. I love getting phone calls and texts from my clients telling me how awesome the gifts are and how I’m going above and beyond for them. I have also signed all my past clients up for Top of Mind. If you are looking to build your current clients into referral machines without having to lift a finger, I highly recommend trying out Client Giant. Best money I’ve ever spent!”

Josh Alexander REALTOR®