Corporate Gifting Companies: Choosing the Right Gifting Platform for Your Clients or Employees

If you’ve ever tried to send gifts to your clients or employees, you know just what a time-consuming process it can be. You have to choose the right gifts, write personalized notes for each one, plan out shipping and delivery timing. The list goes on and on.  

But what if you didn’t have to handle any of that? What if you could still create a memorable gifting experience for everyone on your list without lifting a finger?  

That’s one of the major benefits of an automated corporate gifting platform, which allows you to send and track your direct mail gifting campaigns, whether you own a small local business or a massive company.  

What is a Corporate Gifting Platform? 

A corporate gifting platform is an automated system for choosing, storing, packaging, and shipping gifts to clients, employees, and/or prospects. Basically, these companies do all the work of curating and sending gifts for you and allow you to track the shipping and receipt of your corporate gifts, as well as the recipients’ responses.  

Corporate gifting companies allow you to save valuable time and staff hours while still sending thoughtful, personal gifts to everyone on your list. The automation solutions of these platforms are a wise investment to make the most of your corporate gifting strategy and ensure that every prospect, client, and employee receives a thoughtful, personalized gift that brightens their day. 

Thanks to all-in-one corporate gifting solutions, old-school manual gifting is a thing of the past. Your team can focus their time and energy on their actual work, while your recipients still receive incredible, thoughtful gifts. 

The Benefits of Corporate Gifting Platforms 

Sending gifts to prospects and clients is one of the best ways to let them know how much you value their business. The right gifting initiative can have a huge impact on your ROI, but the issue with corporate gifting is that many companies don’t have the time or resources to curate and send gifts themselves.  

That’s where corporate gifting platforms come in. Below you’ll find just a few benefits of working with one of these companies to get your gifts curated and shipped directly to your clients or employees.  


Possibly the biggest benefit of a corporate gifting platform is automation, which allows users to choose, package, personalize, ship, and even track their gifts with little to no effort. Most corporate gifting companies either have their own CRM or allow you to integrate yours in order to send thoughtful gifts at just the right time. Automation also brings about consistency in any gifting strategy.


Just about any company can use a corporate gifting platform, regardless of its size or number of employees. Your gifting solutions can grow and evolve with your business, allowing you to establish authentic connections with recipients, even if you have an expansive list.  


Your gifting strategy won’t be effective unless it takes each recipient’s individuality into account. With corporate gifting websites, you can utilize the data in your CRM and send each client or employee a more personalized gift that feels selected just for them. Doing so can help you build stronger, more genuine connections. 


Corporate gifting platforms allow you to measure the impact of your gifts in clear data. Not only can you ensure that your gifts reach their intended recipients, but you can also better understand the impact these thoughtful touches have on purchase decisions. With access to this data, you can work to improve future gifting initiatives and find better ways to make genuine connections with your audience.  


Automated corporate gifting platforms make it easy to set a budget and stick to it, ensuring that your gifting initiative focuses on a significant ROI. You can even set specific parameters for your gifting budget, depending on the recipient and their stage in the buyer journey. 

How to Choose the Right Corporate Gifting Platform for Your Business  

By taking time to review potential platforms, you can make sure you find the right one to meet your specific needs.  

Consider the following as you’re researching corporate gifting platforms: 

  • Case Studies – Learn how effectively the platform works throughout the funnel and buyer journey. 
  • Available Services – The best corporate gifting companies offer not just packing and shipping services, but also gift sourcing and curation, as well as tracking and reporting features. Some platforms even offer storage and warehouse fulfillment, so your gifting endeavors don’t have to take up valuable office space. 
  • Engagement – In many cases, the appearance and timing of your gift often has just as much of an impact as the gift itself.
  • Goals – Find out how the platform can help you meet your short-term and long-term goals for your gifting strategy.  
  • Integrations – Many platforms can be integrated with your existing CRM, ensuring smoother reporting and sending.  

The Best Corporate Gifting Platforms 

There are a lot of companies out there that offer automated corporate gifting services, but they are not all created equal. We’ve put together a list of the best corporate gifting companies available and highlighted what they have to offer.  

What Makes a Good Corporate Gifting Company? 

First things first, what should you look for in a corporate gifting platform? As you’re choosing the right company to partner with, here are a few things to look out for: 

  • Reputation – Do they send high-quality products? Check their online reviews and see what previous clients have said about working with them.  
  • Products – What kind of gift options are available? Can you customize items?  
  • Shipping & Returns – Will the company ship and accept returns for you? How much do returns cost? Is shipping included in their fees? 
  • Personalization Options – Can you add handwritten notes to your gifts? Are there other options for personalizing your gifts?  
  • Bulk Discounts – Can you send multiple gifts to different recipients at once? Many platforms offer discounts to larger companies who need to send bulk gifts.  
  • Automation – How granular is the tracking? Can you monitor recipient reactions to the gifts? 
  • Platform fees – Some companies charge a fee to use their platforms, and then the cost of gifts and shipping on top of that base cost. Be mindful of the total expenditure assigned to actually touching the recipients.  

Client Giant 

Okay, we may be a little biased, but our corporate gifting platform is designed to focus on thoughtful curation and delivery. Each gift is beautifully packaged and selected for the recipient, featuring a personalized note from you. We handle everything, from free shipping and tracking to choosing the right timing to make the most impact. With a variety of plan options to suit your specific needs, including an employee gifting platform an client retention plans, we can ensure that every person on your list receives the perfect gift. Best of all, Client Giant is a ghost in the process. That means none of our branding appears anywhere on the gift or packaging, so you get all the credit.  


This platform offers personalized, curated gifts to show recipients that you care and simplifies the sending and tracking process. With bulk discounts for large lists, Caroo makes it easy to personalize your gifts for however many recipients you may have. Each gift box includes a donation to Feeding America, so you know your gift is doing a little extra good, in addition to making the recipient’s day.  

Gift My Client 

Choose from unique corporate gifting solutions and experiences in your own personalized and branded online storefront. Gift My Client allows you to track and manage your gifting initiatives, as well as collect feedback, reviews, and even referrals from happy clients. You can set specific budgets for each gifting campaign, manage users, and ensure that your gifts meet any compliance rules for employees or clients.  

Corporate Gift 

Explore a large selection of unique and customizable items, from quality products to branded gifts. Easily write personal messages and send to multiple recipients in one checkout process. You can even automate gifts to send based on specific triggers and link your own CRM to streamline the gifting process.  


It’s all in the name: store and ship company swag, as well as customer gifts, to recipients anywhere in the world. You can easily manage your inventory online and create professional designed products and packages to delight employees and clients alike. With both individual and bulk options available, you can create gifting experiences that fit each person on your list.  


This corporate gifting platform is an all-in-one option for businesses, offering not just physical gifts, but virtual experiences and events as well. Sendoso boasts a variety of features focused on providing a unique and memorable gifting experience, all with convenient and simple automation. Gifting options range from individual items to custom, thoughtful gift boxes.  


Allow your recipients to choose their own gift box from a library of experiences, which never expire and are available in over 100 countries. Everyone gets a gift they truly want and will enjoy, plus they also get to open an impressive little package. With a lifetime refund policy, as well as personalized packaging and discounts on bulk shipping, Tinggly offers a variety of benefits to its users.  

Loop & Tie 

Designed to help companies save time, this corporate gifting platform allows organizations to send a collection of gift options based on their budget. Recipients are invited to choose their own gifts, which are then shipped right to their door. Loop & Tie’s engagement dashboard allows users to view real-time data on the items that recipients choose, as well as monthly budget stats.  

Wrapping Up Your Selection Process 

No matter which corporate gifting platform you choose, building and maintaining a gifting strategy is easier than ever. You can show your clients and prospects how much you care and help them remember the joy of working with you, and you can also use your gifting initiatives to focus on employee retention and care.  

Simplify your corporate gifting process and ensure that your gifts are delivered at the right time to have the biggest positive impact.