The Ideal Customer: Smaller Net. Bigger Bounty.

In sales, we know that prospecting is a numbers game – the more people you contact the more opportunities present themselves. While it is important to get in front of potential customers, it is imperative to get in front of your ideal customer. 

How exactly do you go about doing that?

Know your audience.

Casting the biggest net across the ocean may seem like the route to a rewarding bounty, but the effort required to sort through the good, the bad and the ugly will consume a significant amount of your valuable time. Same goes for prospecting and marketing. Time is time.

Reaching irrelevant audiences may hurt your brand, and evoke responses like:

  • “Why am I receiving this?”
  • “I can’t relate to this.”
  • “Who are these people?”
  • “Stop the madness!”

Focus on the 20% effort that will yield 80% of the results! 

Enter: Your Ideal Customer.

Forget the masses. You and your business are not just another brick in the wall – neither are your customers.

Most importantly – Your Ideal Customer is Your Kind of Person! 

By focusing your efforts on your ideal customer you will naturally attract YOUR people.

You’ll understand them exponentially better than any competitor and you will instinctively create the perfect “Me Too” moments – those meaningful moments where the customer sees your solution, product or service and says “me too”, or “this was made for me”. Power moments!

  1. The customer feels understood and you gain trust.
  2. The customer becomes a part of your tribe, an ambassador that generates referrals.

The best customer is the one who you know like the back of your hand, the one who connects with your product AND brand, and the one that will tell more of YOUR people about you. They want you to succeed. You’re one of them after all.

Download this worksheet to guide you through a discovery process – to define your ideal client. A process that will support you in every effort of your business going forward. This process supports the equation below:

Deep Connection
+ Long Time Loyalty

The Way to Future

Proof Your Business

Creating an intentional tribe will increase the natural conversations about your business. Your ambassadors will share with others that will most likely also be your people. Repeat and Referral business generates naturally among these communities. 

In our next article, we’ll dive deeper into the importance of identifying this tribe, the effects of the loyalty created, and how to future proof your business with a solid stream of repeat and referral business. 

Smaller fishing net, better bounty. Happy fishing!