Client Engagement Redefined: The Game-Changing Metric Every Financial Advisor Must Know

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In the competitive realm of financial advisory, client engagement stands as a cornerstone of success. But what if we told you there’s a game-changing metric that could redefine your approach?

The pandemic brought unprecedented changes, transforming economies and reshaping business operations. It also left a lasting impact on clients, making them more digital-savvy and raising their expectations. As the financial landscape evolves, so do client preferences, with online banking becoming a safer and more convenient choice for managing finances. This is evidenced by a survey revealing 72% of seniors aged 70 and older embracing online banking—logging in about 7x per month, closely following the average of 8.1 logins per month across various age groups.

We explore how these shifts redefine client engagement gifting for financial advisors, unveiling a game-changing metric that’s essential in today’s finance world. This dynamic transformation in client behavior underscores the need for financial advisors to adapt and leverage this newfound digital landscape to enhance client engagement.

The Importance of Client Engagement for Financial Advisors

Boosting client engagement takes center stage, and a critical shift lies in the need for more touch points. The current unpredictable landscape demands advisors to invest time in meaningful client interactions. Regular, proactive, and authentic engagement becomes the key to truly grasping clients’ needs and aspirations in the ever-evolving financial domain. Amid investors’ concerns about their financial future and the potential for sudden personal shifts, the value of a steadfast advisor shines. The deeper the connection, the smoother the delivery of personalized advice and solutions, potentially leading to enhanced client outcomes, continued service usage, and word-of-mouth referrals.

With the power of elevated client engagement, you’re not just navigating the world of finance; you’re crafting a personalized journey that propels both you and your clients toward greater financial success.

Understanding the Game-Changing Metric

Enter the game-changer: the “Engagement Rate.” Unlike generic metrics, engagement rate evaluates the depth and quality of client interactions. Using Client Giant’s intelligent engagement platform, financial advisors can measure engagement to:

  • Dig deep into client insights
  • Gauge service impact on experiences
  • Cultivate stronger relationships
  • Spot growth opportunities
  • Amp up loyalty and experiences
  • Show commitment through visibility
  • Boost credibility as trusted partners
  • Fuel referrals and repeat business

Client Giant’s automated gifting platform redefines client engagement measurement, offering financial advisors a dynamic tool to enhance their understanding of client relationships and provide tailored services that resonate deeply.

Steps to Implement the Metric for Improved Engagement

  1. Identify Key Touchpoints: Spot those crucial instances when clients engage the most—whether it’s updates, goal chats, or reviews—to build stronger connections. This helps you customize interactions that truly matter and set the stage for lasting client relationships.
  1. Quality over Quantity: Forget numbers, focus on real one-on-one talks that click with clients and meet their unique money needs. Quality chats build trust and show clients they’re valued more than just a transaction.
  1. Feedback Loop Integration: Make it easy for clients to share thoughts and ideas. It’s a way to fine-tune your services and show you’re in their corner on the financial journey.
  1. Advisor Empowerment: Train advisors to get inside clients’ financial dreams and challenges. That way, they can give advice that’s a perfect fit for clients’ life goals.
  1. Technology Synergy: Use tools like Client Giant to boost engagement smartly. It keeps personal connections while using tech to smooth things out. This mix lets advisors focus on growing their business without losing the human touch.

Taking these steps creates a well-rounded approach to boost engagement. Zero in on vital touchpoints, prioritize meaningful interactions, integrate feedback loops, empower advisors, and leverage technology for higher client engagement, stronger relationships, and a thriving advisory practice.

“Having my client care on auto-pilot saves me time on coming up with ideas or implementing client care strategies. Client Giant is an excellent and effortless way to surprise & delight my clients and have them taken care of.”

– Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch


In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, the engagement rate emerges as the north star guiding advisors toward impactful engagement. Redefine your client interactions; embrace the metric, elevate success.

Measuring engagement isn’t just about collecting data; it’s a transformative approach to client engagement that can reshape the future of your financial advisory practice.

So, are you ready to redefine client engagement?