Client Giant Expands its HR Offering into the Happier People Platform to Improve Employee Engagement and Boost Workplace Morale

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Job hunting jumps 12% just before birthdays; Happier People features enhanced tools tailored to drive employee retention, engagement and happiness – and never miss a birthday or milestone

Irvine, Calif. – June 6, 2023 – Client Giant, an automated engagement platform for client care and employee happiness, today announced it’s strengthening its employee care packages with the launch of its new Happier People platform. Featuring enhanced tools designed to boost employee engagement and workplace morale, Happier People is a dedicated employee gifting platform that helps organizations and HR teams of all sizes drive happiness, celebrate meaningful moments and recognize milestones.

Since its launch, companies have leveraged Client Giant for employee care and engagement. Due to increased customer demand, Client Giant is expanding its employee care-focused solution into a platform dedicated and tailored to the needs of today’s modern workforce. The Happier People platform provides a streamlined experience for employers with instant access to engagement surveys, happiness quotients, live reporting through custom dashboards and tailored gifting programs in one central location.

“Between a rise in remote work, stress among workers reaching record highs and a new generation entering the workforce, the employee-employer relationship is rapidly evolving, and it’s crucial that businesses keep up,” said Jeff Jackel, Chief Strategy Officer at Client Giant. “With Happier People and Client Giant as a whole, our mission is to help organizations appreciate the people who keep business running. By launching this dedicated platform, we aim to make it easier for our customers to strengthen those relationships and create a work environment built on a culture of caring.”

According to a report by Gartner, 82% of employees say it’s important for their organization to see them as a person, not just as an employee. This adds to the pressure organizations and their HR leaders are already facing to cultivate a positive culture and employee experience while balancing cost-saving measures and business requirements. Happier People is an automated platform that learns employees’ preferences, gauges their happiness and empowers HR leaders with tools to elevate and personalize employee experiences along the way.

Whether in a remote, hybrid or in-office workplace, Happier People enhances the employee experience through its data-driven approach that puts people first. Happier People includes:

  • Happiness Questionnaire & Quotient Systems: Enable employers to track and gauge employee happiness from day one, as well as personalize and optimize their strategy to achieve the best results, with surveys and questionnaires.
  • Custom Gifting Programs: Create a customized recognition program that engages employees wherever they are in the world while helping achieve HR and People Leader objectives.
  • Employee Engagement Tools: Access custom dashboards for a birds-eye view of which employees are being recognized and how employee engagement strategies are performing.
  • Automated Milestone Recognitions & Reminders: Pre-set reminders for important team and individual milestones, occasions and dates with plans uniquely customized for each employee.

Happier People leverages artificial intelligence to analyze surveys and sentiment, determine the right time to show appreciation and generate tailored notes to deliver the greatest impact. Through its custom dashboards, organizations can track employee recognition and gauge workplace sentiment. The platform also leverages a historical database to ensure employees always receive a unique non-repeating experience. The interactive platform allows companies and HR leaders the option to customize and personalize touchpoints, including the employee onboarding welcome kits.

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