People Leader’s Guide to Keeping Hybrid and Remote Teams Engaged

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Due to shifts caused by the pandemic, remote work has become the new norm as many companies have adjusted their office structures. A survey found that more than half of the respondents polled (58%), post-pandemic, want to work remotely full-time. A vast majority of companies are now either requiring or encouraging remote work. Around 40% are into the idea of doing hybrid work. This can actually bring some pretty cool benefits like better ROI, productivity, and work-life balance. Meanwhile, about 45% know someone who has either quit their job or is planning to quit because they have to work in-person. 

The message is clear – keeping your team engaged and motivated by providing flexible remote work arrangements can give you the edge you need to stand out and retain top talent.

Sure, working remotely brings about many opportunities like having more control over your schedule and a better work-life balance. But let’s also be real: there can be challenges when making the switch. Companies and employees both need to consider potential hurdles that might come up during a remote transition. Remote workers may feel unsupported and unmotivated without their colleagues and an office culture. This can lead to decreased productivity levels, which is why investing in technology to build a smooth digital workflow between employees and managers is crucial for adapting to remote work.

To keep your team engaged and motivated, companies can also provide benefits that support work-life balance and flexible work structures. Additionally, frequent communication and feedback can help remote workers feel connected to their teams.

Celebrating More Than Just the Big Wins

As a business leader, you get it—showing your employees some much-deserved recognition keeps the workplace strong. Recognizing your employees’ efforts helps keep the team engaged and motivated, which is even more critical when they’re working remotely. But what about celebrating more than just the occasional big win?

It’s essential to create a culture that values and celebrates small victories just as much as significant accomplishments. Praise your employees for their hard work, even if it’s a simple compliment. Creating an environment where everyone can celebrate small wins fosters a sense of community and teamwork.

How do you know when things call for celebrations? 

When Achieving a Victory for the First Time

Recognizing the achievements of recent hires and those taking on new responsibilities or challenges is crucial for boosting their confidence. Showing your appreciation for your employees’ work is key to boosting their confidence. Give them a pat on the back when they start,  on early successes, and don’t let up – boost and support them as they get better at it. Encouraging words go a long way!

When Making a Positive Impact on Others

It’s often the smallest acts of kindness that can make the most significant impact. Recognizing employees who go the extra mile to help their colleagues is essential in cultivating a positive and supportive workplace. For example, an employee taking on an additional workload to help a coworker take a break. This may appear small but it is a sign of a unified team culture and a direct reflection of management of how management appreciates and values their team 

When Actions Reflects Company Values

It’s always a great idea to acknowledge and celebrate moments when your employees exhibit your company’s core values. Creating clear guidelines on what will and not be recognized can help establish clear expectations and foster a positive company culture. This ensures that everyone is aware of the organization’s values and facilitates a unified approach to recognizing employee efforts. 

When Producing Truly Exceptional Work

Tailor praise to match your employees’ level of experience, and strike the right balance. Too much praise for senior staff might seem patronizing, while novice staff can benefit from frequent encouragement. Passing out a little recognition never hurt anyone! Keep those good vibes rolling and make sure to keep your employees’ needs and expectations in mind while doing so. This promotes a positive work culture.

When Consistently Delivering Quality Work

Behind every successful company, there are ongoing, repetitive, and unglamorous tasks that keep things running smoothly. It’s important to take a moment every now and then to recognize those employees who consistently perform well but often go unnoticed. Acknowledge their dedication and reliability to show them they are valued and that their hard work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Remote work is here to stay, and businesses that don’t adapt to this change risk losing talent to more flexible companies. It’s essential to invest in ways to support, motivate, and keep remote employees engaged so organizational performance doesn’t suffer.

Implementing a Reward System for Milestones

Recognizing employee achievements on milestones such as birthdays, certifications, or top performances can boost morale and keep employees motivated. While work anniversaries are one way to do this, there are other creative ways to acknowledge these milestones and get employees excited about their work. With Client Giant’s Employee Care Packages, companies can easily honor these achievements through our automated gift and rewards platform, fostering a personal connection with employees and bridging the gap between company and culture. Celebrate every milestone with our program today! Here are some ways how:

1. Daily Social Recognition – Recognize your remote team members with social appreciation for improved performance, motivation, and connection. Acknowledgments can range from a thank-you message on Slack to congratulating a colleague on a daily touch base.

2. Free Food Surprises – Deliver a treat like a food gift card, cupcakes, or cookies to show your appreciation. Host a virtual team lunch on Zoom for bonding, or reimburse for a monthly lunch.

3. Growth and Development Opportunities – Help your workers grow and strengthen your entire team by giving them opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Assign them new tasks, send them to industry events, provide on-the-job training, and consider hiring external professionals to teach them something new.

4. Remote Work Flexibility – Whether it’s family needs, health, or exhaustion, remote work has opened new challenges. Encourage flexibility by letting employees choose when and where they work – in moderation. Caring for your team makes sound business sense, and it demonstrates your leadership’s empathy.

5. Innovative Wellness Programs – Consider using an employee recognition platform that integrates with these wellness solutions such as meditation apps, gym memberships, and health assessments. Working towards shared wellness goals can still foster motivation and a sense of camaraderie even for remote workers.

6. Ultimate Home Office Experience – Consider providing stipends for dedicated workspaces to promote an in-office environment, even remotely. Provide funding for office furniture such as chairs, monitors, or standing desks, to make the home office more comfortable and enhance productivity.

Keeping your team engaged and motivated requires a mix of different strategies, including celebrating small wins, implementing a reward system for milestones, and actively listening to and accommodating their needs. When you create a good work environment, it’s easy to see the results – better engagement, more motivation, and a whole lot of productivity follow. Nothing gets people more excited to come to work than creating a great work environment.

Create a great work environment that keeps your team engaged and drives results by talking to our Employee Gifting specialists today.