Kindness In The Workplace

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No one likes feeling stressed, whether in the workplace or outside. But a majority of people (78%) feel stressed during the workday, which can be bad not just for productivity, but for mental and physical health.  

Stress heightens the risk of issues like anxiety, depression, headaches, and back pain and weakens the immune system, increasing the likelihood of infection and illness. When employees are stressed at work, their productivity and quality of work suffers. And worst of all, stress can be contagious, passing from one coworker to another until you have an office full of burnt-out employees.  

Fortunately, there are steps companies can take to prevent stress. One of the biggest is to focus on and encourage kindness in the workplace. “Be kind” is more than a catchy saying. It’s a way of life that can have far-reaching positive impacts.

Why Kindness Matters in the Workplace

Kindness in the workplace leads to a butterfly effect. Small acts of kindness between leadership and employees can ripple out and improve the entire workplace culture. When people experience kindness, they pay it forward to others by 278%! In this way, a little kindness can have long-lasting benefits for your company.  

By encouraging simple acts of kindness in the workplace, your organization can enjoy a variety of benefits: 

  • Increased productivity 
  • Boost in employee morale
  • Greater employee loyalty 
  • Increased job satisfaction 
  • Higher happiness factor  
  • Overall increase in individual health 
Acts of kindness in the workplace boost morale and helps keep things together when working apart.

Keeping It Together While Working Apart 

For many companies, working from home has completely shifted the workplace dynamics. Remote work has many benefits, but it can often feel isolating to see your coworkers only over Zoom, instead of casually running into them and having a quick chat.  

Cultivating a culture of compassion and kindness at work may be more difficult with physical distance, but it’s the perfect way to keep your team together and improve company morale. Practicing kindness can transform your remote workplace, bringing the culture of the office into the virtual environment.  

Kindness Inside Spreads Kindness Outside  

When a brand has a reputation for being kind, their customers become deeply loyal to what the company stands for, and the brand no longer must compete with others merely on product, service, or price. That elevates the organization into a different league—their customers WANT them to do well, providing supportive feedback and increasing awareness by telling everyone about the brand they love.  

How to Spread More Kindness at Work  

The truth is there is a greater universal need and awareness of spreading kindness than ever before, and because companies are made up of people, it would be a missed opportunity not to lead with gratitude and kindness. Below are a few examples of kindness in the workplace that you can implement within your team or organization.  

Demonstrate gratitude 

Everyone likes to feel valued and appreciated. Take time to express your gratitude for the dedication and hard work of your team members. Consider buying thank you cards to leave in the breakroom and encouraging employees to write notes to one another. If your team is remote, make time in your regular team meetings to let employees acknowledge and thank one another.  

Encourage random acts of kindness 

Even the smallest kind actions can have a big impact. Random acts of kindness in the workplace can boost happiness for both the giver and the recipient, leading to a greater sense of well-being at work and beyond.  

You can make someone’s day in the following easy ways: 

  • Make a point of complimenting people in a sincere fashion.  
  • Bring a snack or dessert to share at the office.
  • Write a handwritten note expressing gratitude.  
  • Offer help to an overwhelmed teammate.  
  • Surprise a coworker with a cup of coffee in the morning.  

Recognize individual accomplishments 

Show your appreciation to your team members by recognizing their achievements in the workplace. Taking time to highlight individuals can boost team morale and help everyone feel more valued. Celebrate work anniversaries or big contributions with thoughtful gifts personalized to each employee’s interests.  

Kindness: The Positive Sum Game 

When you emphasize and encourage kindness in the workplace, everyone’s a winner: the giver, the receiver, your clients, and the company. Every person has the power to make someone’s day, so why not do it? Put a smile on your coworker’s face, and you will likely find a smile on your own too!