Real Estate’s Top Coach Tom Ferry Joins Forces with Client Giant to Deliver 7-Star Client Care

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The leading automated client care and engagement platform is now the exclusive gifting partner for Tom Ferry and his global network of real estate professionals

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Client Giant, the leading automated engagement platform for client care and employee happiness, today announced a new partnership with Tom Ferry, the real estate industry’s most prominent coaching and training company. By joining forces, Tom Ferry and his network of real estate professionals will have seamless access to the Client Giant platform and tools designed to boost client satisfaction and retention.

As a trusted name in the industry, Tom Ferry’s coaching program helps thousands of top real estate professionals maximize their business growth. In the midst of intense market competition, Client Giant offers real estate professionals the tools and services, like automated gifting and concierge services, to impress clients and further build their businesses through both client retention and referrals.

“Client Giant is an effortless solution to one of the biggest pain points and opportunities for real estate professionals – keeping up with past clients,” said Tom Ferry. “Client Giant’s unique, hyper-authentic approach ensures that you stay connected in the most impactful way possible, leading to boosted client loyalty and a steady stream of passionate referrals. Truly a no-brainer for any agent looking to grow and sustain their business.”

Founded in 2018 by Jeff Jackel and Jay O’Brien, one of the highest-performing agents in Southern California, Client Giant is an automated engagement platform that helps real estate professionals manage client relationships through regular touchpoints and thoughtful gifts and experiences. The company offers several packages and offerings tailored specifically for the real estate industry, including personalized gifts and experiences, like help forwarding mail and transferring utilities or dinner at a favorite restaurant, to celebrate each milestone in the process. Additionally, its advanced reporting functions and database ensure clients always receive a unique non-repeating experience.

“Tom Ferry is one of the most prominent figures in real estate, training some of the highest performers in the industry,” said Jay O’Brien, Co-founder of Client Giant. “This partnership underscores the value Client Giant brings to the real estate industry. From offer to even well after closing, Client Giant helps foster long-term client loyalty, create lasting impressions and gain a competitive advantage.”

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Client Giant is the leading engagement and gifting platform for strategic employee and client care. Leveraging automation, Client Giant determines the right time and method to engage your people and deliver the greatest impact. Client Giant is built for businesses of all sizes and drives referrals, retention and loyalty at scale through automation without ever sacrificing the human touch.

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